Taking rest days is good for the body and also for the soul. Maybe that's why The holidays are one of the most awaited times of the year. for both workers and students. Next we will show 10 favorite places for Brazilians to spend their holidays, all the destinations are national and offer rest and entertainment for all types of public.

With the list it is possible to know the main cities for tourists, offering interesting options of places that you may not know and that you will want to visit.

And it doesn't matter if you go travel alone, in couple or with kids. It is possible to take advantage of the tips of the 10 most preferred places for Brazilians to vacation to create an itinerary according to your interests.

If you like a walk, take the opportunity to write it down and then search for travel packages or airline tickets and hotels to start planning for the next vacation.

Best Vacation Destinations in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro - RJ) - The Marvelous City is the most sought after destination by Brazilians for vacations. And no matter what time of year, the “Errejota” will always be with open arms to offer its incredible natural beauties and tours that range from cultural options to bars and clubs.

Lawn (RS) – For a long time, beach towns led the list of best vacation destinations in Brazil. But lately the city of Gramado, in Rio Grande do Sul, has been attracting tourists because of its cozy climate, low temperatures, interesting sights and especially for the architecture that is so charming.

Jericoacoara (CE) – Jijoca de Jericoacoara beach, 287 km from Fortaleza, offers interesting options for you to enjoy your vacation: Lagoa do Paraíso, walks on the Duna do Pôr do Sol and Jericoacoara National Park.

Ipojuca (PE) – If you love a beach with crystal clear waters and a lot of calm, the city of Ipojuca, in the Metropolitan region of Recife, is your destination. There you can go diving and enjoy dozens of other interesting points such as the small natural pools that form on the beaches.

Sao Paulo-SP) - Who said you can't have fun in São Paulo? The largest city in Latin America occupies the 5th position of the best vacation destinations of Brazilian tourists according to the list of TripAdvisor. In São Paulo there are many worthwhile cultural tours, as well as parks such as Ibirapuera, shopping tours such as 25 de Março, malls, and much more.

Foz do Iguaçu (PR) – The Iguaçu Falls attract thousands of tourists to the city of Paraná that borders Paraguay and Argentina. In addition to visiting one of the World Heritage Sites, you can also visit the Iguaçu National Park and the Itaipu Hydroelectric Power Plant.

Florianopolis (SC) – One of the most famous routes in the south of the country is the capital of Santa Catarina, which has incredible beaches that are internationally famous. But in addition to enjoying a day at sea, you can visit Lagoinha do Leste, Ilha do Campeche and enjoy the best of the city such as bars, restaurants and tourist attractions.

Búzios (RJ) – In the Lagos region, in the State of Rio de Janeiro, we find the city of Armação dos Búzios. This is the eighth most sought after destination by Brazilians when it comes to choosing a vacation and the natural beauty explains why. At crystal clear beaches make the city one of the most beautiful in the country.

Natal, RN) - In the Northeast we find wonderful destinations and one of them is the capital of Rio Grande do Norte, which has beautiful beaches and options for tours in the dunes.

Salvador BA) - The capital of Bahia, on the other hand, is ideal for those who like the beach, but also love the action, want to learn the local culture and know a lot about the history of Brazil. Salvador offers it all and the tours are so amazing that you will want to come back for another vacation.

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