3 cheap cities to buy accommodation on Decolar

Search for the best prices to be able to take a trip and enjoy days of rest, it no longer requires consulting dozens of websites, because at Take off you can program all phases of the step. The site offers options for search for air tickets, complete travel packages and also consultation for accommodation, being able to know the best options for your destination.

It is important to research the hotel network to ensure that you find all the establishments offered in the city you want to visit, in order to choose the hotel, inn or hostel that suits you best.

With the search on takeoff you can find accommodation that you can afford, knowing the daily rates and the number of stars that the establishment has.

Below we list three Brazilian cities with a large hotel chain that deserve to be highlighted both for their tourist attractions and for the accommodation values found at Decolar.

Find Cheap Hotel for Curitiba on Decolar

The city of Curitiba (PR), has almost 40 thousand hotels and by Decolar.com you can find the best establishments to stay and get to know the main points of the capital of Paraná.

In addition to being a large city that attracts business travelers, Curitiba has a cozy climate and is a great destination for vacations and short trips.

One of the main tourist attractions in the city is the Botanical Garden, which has a unique beauty. Those who arrive in the city for a walk should also visit the Oscar Niemeyes Museum, the Tanguá Park and the Barigui Park.

The Bosque Alemão, the Curitiba Holocaust Museum, the Largo da Ordem Fair, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Ukrainian Immigration Memorial and other cultural and leisure spots should also be part of your itinerary.

And to stay during the days necessary to get to know these and many other points, it is possible to choose between the main establishments that are available on the Decolar website. And the search is very simple, you can find a list of hotels in the city followed by the promotional prices that only the site offers.

Travel to Fortaleza paying little

Another city worth visiting in Brazil is Fortaleza (CE), a great option for lovers of hot and sunny days. As one of the main cities in the Northeast, the capital of Ceará has more than 40 thousand establishments for those who want to stay and enjoy all its natural and historical beauty.

To get to know Morro Branco, Cumbuco Beach, the Cachaça Museum, Praia do Futuro, Praia das Fontes, the Dragão do Mar Theater and so many other leisure and cultural options, it is necessary to stay in the city for a few days.

To help you choose a stay, Decolar presents special promotions for its users, with values for all pockets.

Get to know Gramado – Cheap Trips Take off

At Decolar you can also find hotel deals for Gramado (RS), one of the main destinations in Brazil, especially for those who love low temperatures. Serra Gaúcha offers beautiful cities full of charm, the result of local colonization that keeps its traditions alive.

We notice a lot of Europe in Brazil when we visit Gramado and Canela, for example, cities that attract thousands of tourists in the winter, but that also retain their charms for the rest of the year.

And with Decolar you can find interesting hotel prices, for sure you will have an establishment with a price that fits in your pocket.

The site has a huge list of options for you to stay, whether you travel alone, as a couple, with friends or family. Find the best hotels at the best prices for Gramado through Decolar and take advantage of the conditions that the site presents for booking and payment.

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