4-day trip is super valid, you know?

Travel, rest, who doesn't like it. Tell the truth, will you? But we know that making a travel long, it is not always possible, either because of the absence of days due to work, children or even the financial part.

Now, what you may not know or be in disbelief when they say is that it is super possible to have an excellent trip, breathe new air, meet new places in just 4 days of travel, which is super valid, you know?

So it is! This is quite possible, especially when we manage to combine a weekend with the holiday, then we already have the dreamed days we need.

places and destinations

And now, most likely, you are wondering the best destinations to take this trip. got it right? So, if this is the answer, know that here you will have this information and now!

Paper and pen in hand and ?go? write down these places and destinations so that your trip happens as quickly as possible, after all, traveling is a great methodology to rest our mind.

list of possibilities

Maybe this list won't surprise you so much for the destinations, but know that they have several attractions and entertainments that will make these 4 amazing days.

  • Sao Paulo ? an easily accessible city with thousands of possibilities for all tastes;
  • Curitiba ? a capital that also has its very interesting peculiarities to discover;
  • Belo Horizonte ? a trendy city, not as popular as São Paulo, but also with excellent options;
  • Trancoso? a city in the northeast, with easy access and outside the big capitals, as suggested above.

Suggestions for each destination

And if even with the list of possibilities, you still feel lost to make this trip, keep reading here and have ideas of points you can visit in each of these places. Come on? And the starting point will be São Paulo!

Sao Paulo

In this city, the word that sums it up well is diversity: of people, places, even options, whether to enjoy, eat, visit and enjoy! You will have several options, whether cinema, parks, theaters, free and paid attractions.

Is it beautiful view you want in SP? That's the point!

It is worth mentioning that the city has very interesting outdoor places to discover. An excellent example is the new center and the old city center. It is a very interesting contrast, where on the one hand you have a more modern architecture and on the other, an older one.

Some places deserve to be highlighted and we will see below:

  • Paulista Avenue;
  • The House of Roses;
  • The Pinacoteca;
  • Museum of the Catavento and the Portuguese Language;
  • Sé Cathedral;
  • Santander Lighthouse;
  • Municipal market;
  • Ibirapuera's Park;
  • Municipal market;
  • March 25th Street.

Perhaps for those who already know the city, there is nothing different, but for those who have never visited, everything is new and it is worth less to say whether or not the experience was cool, isn't it? Did you leave Curitiba now?


This is also an easy capital to get around and with several possibilities, but much quieter when compared to São Paulo. It is worth mentioning that traveling there can be at any time of the year, see?

One of Curitiba's postcards

Here are some places that cannot be left out of Curitiba tours:

  • Botanical Garden (postcard);
  • German Forest;
  • Tingui Park;
  • Historic Center of Curitiba (in the same historic line of São Paulo, it is worth knowing);
  • Boteco Food Tour;
  • Flowers Street;
  • Holocaust Museum;
  • Wire Opera;
  • A must see train ride to Morretes.

If you already liked these options, there's still more! And now, let's go to the capital of Minas Gerais: Belo Horizonte!!!

Belo Horizonte

By all indications, this is one of the easiest destinations to visit due to the ease of transport, size and everything else. Legend has it that for mineirinho everything is close, but at this point, it's quite true.

The famous Pampulha Lagoon.

For those who like photography, this city will be very well used too, especially for the architectural style of the region. By the way, as a curiosity, there are heritage sites in BH that deserve to be known.

Another relevant point is for those who like green areas (there are several) and those who like pubs. If that's your profile, you'll really like the city. Now, here are some places in the city to visit and discover:

  • Famous Pampulha Lagoon;
  • Guanabara Park;
  • Mineirão Stadium;
  • Ballroom House;
  • Liberty Square;
  • Mining Museum;
  • Palace of Arts;
  • Pope's Square;
  • Central Market.

And finally, that trip to the northeast. Left?


This is one of the very special places that makes for an excellent trip, even with just a few days, after all, Trancoso is a village close to Porto Seguro. Very easy to get there and very easy to discover.

In this region, the main attraction is certainly the beaches and the simplicity of the place, which is incredible. But, as a curiosity, this trip brings a very remarkable place, after all, it has already been the stage of great shows and even DVD recording.

A very special corner of Trancoso

But, returning to the destination, you can meet:

  • Enjoy the sunset at Quadradinho;
  • Discover the beaches of Patimirim, Itaquena, Rio dos Frades and Coqueiros.

In conclusion…

You are probably now surprised by the possibilities of your trip, even in 4 days. Rest assured that if well planned, you will enjoy a lot, yes. So let's go? plan this next one travel?

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