4 Things You Need to Know About Airline Tickets Now

Is buying airfare at dawn cheaper? Is there a best day to search for discount airfares? These are just two of the thousands of questions that circulate on the internet and in conversations with friends, when it comes to traveling by plane.

Much of what is propagated is myth, but it is difficult to identify when it is a lie and when it is true. We've listed the four biggest myths about airline tickets that you need to know so you don't fall for pranks! Look.

1 ? The sooner you buy a plane ticket, the cheaper it will be?

The chances of this happening are great, but it's not a guarantee. O that makes the airfare go up and down is the demand. Only the company can measure this type of data and, therefore, only it will know when or not to increase a section, taking into account its internal policy.


It turns out that, in most cases, the chances of you paying more if buy ticket on the same day of travel or a few days in advance are quite high. Just in case, as soon as that fair promotion comes along, don't hesitate to secure your leg!

two ? Searching for air tickets at dawn reduces the value of the leg?

Not always. Fly to domestic destinations in the period from midnight to 5 am and from 10 am to 4 pm yes, it makes you pay less in most cases.

Still, it's not a guarantee, since the prices of the segments also depend a lot on the time of your trip and if there's any kind of big event happening at the destination.

3 ? Is buying air tickets through the company's website cheaper than at tourist agencies and airports?

In fact, the airfare is exactly the same. What will change are the administrative fees that are charged on the transaction. For example, if you buy directly from the LaTam Airline Tickets, Blue Airline Tickets, Gol Airline Tickets and Packages, among other companies, will not pay any fees for the service.

The amount charged is just the ticket and the boarding tax. If the purchase is made directly at the airport or at a travel agency, around 30 to 50 reais will be charged for the service. Exceptions to these cases are sites such as take off dot com, Submarino Travel and Packages, Viajanet Tickets on Promotion, between others.


These sites charge a fee for their services, because although they work on the internet, they intermediate the purchase of the ticket.

Even so, there are cases where the value ends up being lower, as some companies enter into partnerships and distribute much cheaper sections to these platforms through buying tickets with airline miles. There are also cases where they cover the amount themselves and give a considerable discount to customers.

4 ? Does buying a travel package make your airfare much more affordable?

It's also not guaranteed. Depending on the number of people who will travel in a group, on the same day, to the same destination and have purchased the travel package by the same company, the company can provide cheaper flights to the agency.

Otherwise, what usually makes airfare packages look cheaper is the discount that most hotels provide for tourism companies.

Now you no longer need to have doubts when buying your air ticket. Did you believe any of these myths? Know others who didn't make the list. Leave your comment and tell us about them!

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