6 Travel Packages for July Vacations

To take advantage of the school recess and have days of rest and fun, it is worth purchasing july vacation packages.

The same being at the height of winter, Brazilians find in national trips, destinations that please both those who love the cold and those who prefer the heat.

Our country with continental dimensions offers incredible cities, with many leisure options for those who travel alone, as couple and also for those traveling with children.

At this time of year, Brazilian tourists find cheap travel packages and many promotional options, which makes this one of the best times to travel.

Especially for those who are destined the cities of the Brazilian Northeast which during winter are in low season. This guarantees lower prices for accommodation, airfare and tours.

Perhaps it is for this reason that the beautiful beaches in the northeast are on the list of 10 most popular destinations for Brazilians according to the TripAvisor website.

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Cheap North East Travel Packages

Those who go to the Northeast in winter can enjoy a lot of sun and high temperatures in many cities. Jericoacoara, in Ceará, for example, does not have temperatures below 24º during this time of year and offers beaches with crystal clear water and a hotel chain with prices for all budgets.

maragogi, in Alagoas, is another of the main destinations to spend your July vacation. In low season, the city that is so popular in the summer becomes the attraction of those who like to save money, as the average price of rates at the main hotels drops to R$ 560. In high season, the values can double.

Port of Chickens, in Pernambuco, also has promotional travel packages for the month of July. The destination is ideal for couples, but there are interesting programs to enjoy alone and even hotels with programs for children.

Speaking of children, we can't forget about Fortaleza, Beach Park is the most suitable destination for those who want to get out of the cold climate of the Southeast and South of the country and enjoy with their children the beautiful beaches and the most famous water park in the country.

Two cities to enjoy the cold

For those who want to travel to know cold cities, we have two destinations that deserve to be highlighted:

Lawn – Located in Rio Grande do Sul, this city is the main destination for those who buy travel packages for their July vacations and there are good reasons for that.

First of all, the beautiful city of Rio Grande do Sul has a mild climate that is very reminiscent of European cities during winter. And it's not just because of the climate, the architecture, the residents and the local culture are totally connected with the colonies that settled in that region.

The main tourist attractions for those who travel to Gramado on vacation in July are the chocolate factories and the Mini Mundo (miniature) and Snowland (theme park with snow) parks. But there are several interesting attractions for tourists of all ages.

Curitiba – Those who love winter and want travel packages for a July vacation in a big city need to travel to the capital of Paraná.

The city has a Winter Festival that attracts tourists from all parts of the country and the world. The festival runs until the end of July and features a cultural program full of themed special dishes, musical performances and much more.

Those travel packages to the south of the country are in high season, whoever wants to buy them needs to be prepared to pay the values of accommodation, air tickets and even pay the tickets to tourist attractions.

But it is possible to find promotions for these destinations and even buy tickets to attractions with lower prices through travel agencies and discount websites.

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