It is common that when deciding travel you prefer to choose one vacation travel package. It takes into account the economy, facilities and everything else that will make your life easier. So much so that you must have already found on the internet several texts that presented several advantages of buying a vacation travel package.

But will Is it really that beneficial? After all, everything has a ?other side of the coin? and even vacation travel packages can have their downsides.

So in this text you will find reasons not to opt for travel packages time to choose your vacation destination!

8 Reasons to Never Buy a Vacation Travel Package

1 ? Lack of flexibility in choices

Have you ever stopped to think that the vacation travel packages normally determine everything that will be done during your stay abroad? Number of tours, place of stay, airline.

So if you want to stay in a hotel closer to the beach you will have to agree to pay a higher price for the package or accept what the cheaper one has to offer.

If you did your research alone, you could choose the hotel you wanted, the tours that best suited you and even the airline of your choice.

two ? lack of money

Okay, the coolest vacation travel packages are almost never cheap during your vacation, are they? It's like a plot travel agencies.

When you book your vacation, the only destinations on sale are those that don't interest you in the slightest.

So if money is tight, it's easier to research everything individually and settle for fewer days in a place you like, isn't it?!

3 ? Pressure to make a decision

Vacation travel packages involve a travel agency, that is, you will be pressured at all times to make a decision and close the deal once and for all.

could have been just a search, you called or emailed to inquire about amenities and pricing and suddenly your inbox is always full of messages like ?Close your package for X today and don't miss out on this big discount!?.

That's when travel agents don't keep calling to ask ?Are you ready to close the travel package to your chosen destination…?

4 ? lack of freedom

Calmly note a detail: Vacation travel packages often leave you stuck in routines and schedules. That is, there is no freedom to do anything?in the crazy? or outside the pre-set.

Your freedom to enjoy the trip is restricted to what was agreed upon in the purchase of the package. If you are interested in a different tour, want to wake up later or even just enjoy the Hotel?

You can forget, all your routine during this vacation trip has already been planned and determined by your travel agent!

5 ?Hotel selection is limited

Vacation travel packages usually work with a certain group of hotels, typically with X number of stars. Not to mention that when the hotel price is cheaper it often doesn't have a good location.

Therefore, you miss the chance to research something more affordable, which could make the trip even cheaper and more interesting.

Hostels can be much less expensive and allow you to meet other people of different nationalities, while renting an apartment gives you more freedom while traveling.

6 ? Loss of one or more travel days

When closing a vacation travel package, you usually opt for X days of stay in the chosen destination.

Normally, one or more days, depending on the package chosen, is for transfer only. That is, travel to the city, or cities, that you want to know.

7 ? Stop doing fun activities

Hiring a travel agency may even seem more practical, after all, you leave the research of activities and knowledge of the place in their hands.

In short, it ends research more about the chosen destination, losing the opportunity to do cool activities that are not part of the vacation travel package because the agency does not consider them interesting.

8 ? Little time to enjoy the attractions

Despite being considered ?optional activities?, when buy a vacation travel package you are immediately induced to purchase the tours offered.

The detail is that there is not always time to enjoy these attractions, as the time spent in them is very short, so that the itinerary determined by the travel agency is followed.

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