Nowadays, many individuals are looking for air tickets for cheaper prices, after all, the higher values usually extrapolate what we dedicate to the purchase of the air ticket.

Because of this, in this article we separate some of the main promotions for air tickets on national airlines, such as Gol, LaTam, Avianca and Azul.

Gol Promotional Airline Tickets

starting with Goal Tickets and Promotions 2015, we are going to highlight the company's main airfare promotions at the moment.

At Gol you can find flights from Brasília to Cuiabá for only R$110, Curitiba to Belo Horizonte for only R$172, Goiânia to São Paulo for R$191.90 and so on.

In addition, there are also offers from Curitiba to Fortaleza, Goiânia to Palmas, Natal to São Paulo and many others.

LaTam Promotional Airline Tickets

already in LaTam Linhas Aéreas the air tickets on sale also don't lose. FROM São José do Rio Preto to Salvador you only pay R$230.

From São Paulo capital to Salvador, in turn, the economy is even greater: only R$175 the stretch.

São Paulo to Recife also doesn't lose out, for only R$269.

International destinations also have great promotional values for round trips.

São Paulo to Rosario, for only R$453. From São Paulo to Córdoba, for only R$466.

Blue Promotional Airline Tickets

THE Azul Promotional Airline Tickets Linhas Aéreas also has a series of air ticket promotions, especially now in the first months of the year.

The section from Brasília to Uberlândia costs only R$79.90. On the other hand, Belo Horizonte to Vitória costs only R$99.

Is it also possible to do the Curitiba section? Foz do Iguaçu for just R$109.9. Leaving from Guarulhos, in São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro, the value is only R$99.

Avianca Promotional Airline Tickets

THE Avianca Tickets and Promotions also does not lose out when it comes to promotional air tickets, both on national and international routes.

When we talk about the national routes, it is possible to leave São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro for only R$84.

From Brasília to São Paulo, only R$90. Fortaleza to São Paulo, by R$329.

For those looking for international tickets, it is possible to get to the Caribbean with prices ranging between 300 and 580 dollars, depending on where in the Caribbean and where you depart in Brazil, remembering that most flights depart from São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Also, don't forget that it is possible to follow the main promotions of these airlines through their own websites and also through other websites, such as ViajaNet and, which daily update the offers of all the companies both national and international.

In addition, we must point out that many of the promotional air tickets of these companies take place both in weekends as well as during the periods cheap early morning tickets on weekdays.

So, whenever you hit insomnia or are really awake at that time, be sure to check out the lowest prices that are posted during the night, for a few hours or minutes.

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