The website Submarine Travel constantly presents promotions of tickets to different places in the world.

It is possible to always find sections with values well below the conventional and, in this way, you can fulfill the dream of taking that vacation trip.

But care must be taken not to miss any ticket promotions at Submarino Viagens.

Every day new snippets are made available and there are ways to keep up with it all! Know more.

Cheap Submarine Air Tickets

All tickets on sale can be found right on the first page of the site.

If you want, you can also check the tab ?promotions? where all the details are much more described.

Here are some excerpts that are currently discounted:

  • Ticket to Curitiba with values from 101 reais.
  • Ticket to Rio de Janeiro with values from 152 reais.
  • Ticket to Porto Alegre with values from 204 reais.
  • Ticket to Florianópolis with values from 237 reais.
  • Ticket to Belo Horizonte with values from 161 reais.
  • Ticket to Goiânia with values from 178 reais.
  • Ticket to Salvador with values from 270 reais.
  • Ticket to Recife with values from 360 reais.

All segments shown above correspond to round-trip tickets without boarding fees.

They are available today! They can be changed at any time without prior notice, due to the total sale of tickets in the promotion or by decision of the flight operator itself.

So if you don't want to miss the opportunity, book your next vacation right now.

Submarino Promotional Airline Tickets Dawn

At the Submarino promotional air tickets some sections may even be cheaper if you choose to travel at dawn.

In addition to having the advantage of not finding a crowded airport with huge queues, you arrive early at your destination and enjoy your vacation much more.

See some excerpts on sale for several cities in Brazil.

  • From Rio de Janeiro to São Paulo: journey from 141 reais.
  • From São Paulo to Belo Horizonte: journey from 161 reais.
  • From Rio de Janeiro to Curitiba: journey from 163 reais.
  • From Curitiba to São Paulo: journey from and 111 reais.
  • From Brasília to São Paulo: From 158 reais.
  • From Salvador to Recife: journey from 149 reais.
  • From Brasília to Salvador: journey from 204 reais.

All of the above excerpts are available for purchase today. They do not include the required airport departure tax.

The tip is to buy as soon as possible so you don't miss the promotion! Enjoy.

Submarino Tickets and Packages: Complaints

The website Submarino Travel Cheap Tickets and Packages has been operating in Brazil for a few years and acceptance of the service is always on the rise.

As with any service provider company, unforeseen events can happen, but the team is always ready to serve its customers and solve all problems.

To better serve you, Submarino Viagem provides a call center for queries and complaints on the number 4003 8080.

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