Airfare to Ouro Preto Carnival

Ouro Preto is very famous for its colonial architecture and has several tourist attractions to be visited by those who travel there. It is located in one of the main areas of the gold cycle. Its carnival is also very interesting and is usually a hit among the younger audience.

Why should you spend Carnival in Ouro Preto? Simple, because you will have the opportunity to be enchanted by its sights and its streets full of history while enjoying the revelry.

It is worth mentioning that there are no flights to Ouro Preto. You will have to go to Belo Horizonte or Confins and from there take a car or bus transfer to the city.

The best thing is to choose to get off at Belo Horizonte Airport, as you will be just 95 km from Ouro Preto, Confins is further away, being approximately 140 km from your final destination.

Airfare to Ouro Preto Carnival

A little about the Ouro Preto Carnival

The revelry in Ouro Preto is organized by students who live in the dormitories. So go prepared to face a young party. Axé is the rhythm that dominates the city's carnival.

In addition, there are also the traditional carnival blocks, such as Zé Pereira dos Lacaios, one of the oldest in Brazil, it has existed since 1867!

It is even this block that animates visitors with the famous giant dolls. The truth is that those who choose Ouro Preto have parties all over the city, options will not be lacking.

Flights from Sao Paulo to Belo Horizonte

Those departing from São Paulo have direct flights to Belo Horizonte, their first stop before Ouro Preto. The airlines that serve this segment are Gol, Azul and LATAM. Airfare prices range from R$ 580 to R$ 890.

Flights from Curitiba to Belo Horizonte

Those leaving Curitiba have direct flights or a stop to go to Belo Horizonte. LATAM, Azul and Gol are the airlines that serve this segment. Airfare prices range from R$ 740 to R$ 1 thousand.

Flights from Rio de Janeiro to Belo Horizonte

Those departing from Rio de Janeiro to the Ouro Preto Carnival have direct flights or a stop to their first destination, which is the city of Belo Horizonte.

The airlines that fly the Rio ? Belo Horizonte are LATAM, Gol and Azul. Airfare prices range from R$ 180 to R$ 560.

Flights from Fortaleza to Belo Horizonte

If you are in the northeast of Brazil, you can also take the risk of getting to know the Carnival of Ouro Preto. Those who are in Fortaleza have flights with one or two stops towards Belo Horizonte, their first destination.

LATAM, Azul and Gol are the airlines responsible for this segment. Prices range from R$ 1,500 to R$ 2,800, depending on the company chosen.

7 Tips to enjoy the Ouro Preto Carnival with peace of mind

1- Make your flight and accommodation reservations in advance, don't leave anything to the last minute.

2- Remember to take care of your hydration during the revelry.

3- Book a transfer from Belo Horizonte ? or confines? to Ouro Preto. If you prefer, you can choose to take a bus from the bus station in these cities.

4- Try to reconcile the best times for your airline tickets, even if it is necessary to fly with different companies for the round trip.

5- Pay attention to which airport the departure and disembarkation of your flight is scheduled at in the case of cities that have more than one airport.

6- Prefer to take into account the cost-benefit and not just the economy when choosing airline tickets and places to stay.

7- If you choose to go from the Belo Horizonte bus station to Ouro Preto, take a flight that allows time until the departure time from the bus station.

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