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located in state of Minas Gerais, Diamantina It is also a very popular destination for those who want to enjoy Carnival. As in the case of Ouro Preto, it is not possible to get there by plane, having the tourist to get off in Belo Horizonte or Confins and from there to go by land transport to Diamantina.

The best option is Confins airport, only 275 km away. The city is the birthplace of some famous personalities in the history of Brazil, such as former president JK and Chica da Silva.

Still in doubt about where to spend the 2017 Carnival? Get to know a little more about the festivity in the city of Diamantina and if you are interested, take a look at the prices of air tickets to Confins airport!

Airfare to the Carnival of Diamantina

A little about the Diamantina Carnival

O destiny It is very popular and therefore very popular among those who want to enjoy the carnival. Unlike Ouro Preto, the climate is more familiar.

The crowds invade the narrow streets full of old mansions and enjoy the party without worrying about the time to end. You can say that you can find something to have fun 24 hours a day, as there are always some blocks or groups of drumming around the city.

During the day, the blocks command the revelry and draw the attention of those who are there. At night, the parties are the Batucada and Bat Caverna groups. Everything takes place in Praça do Mercado Velho and you can be sure that Diamantina is a guarantee of fun.

Flights from Sao Paulo to Confins

Those who are in São Paulo and want to know the Diamantina Carnival can count on direct flights to Confins airport. LATAM, Blue and Goal Airline Tickets are responsible for this section.

Prices range from R$ 580 to R$ 890, but don't just take into account the values, but the option that best suits your needs. Remember that there is still a road trip to Diamantina.

Flights from Rio de Janeiro to Confins

Those who are in Rio de Janeiro will also be able to enjoy the Diamantina Carnival. Flights to Confins can be direct or with a stop. LATAM, Gol and Azul serve this stretch. Prices range from R$ 180 to R$ 560.

Flights from Florianopolis to Confins

Are you in Florianópolis and want to know the Diamantina Carnival? It's time to start planning your trip. The airlines that serve this segment are Gol, LATAM and Azul and there are only options with one stop along the way. Prices range from R$ 462 to R$ 1 thousand.

Flights from Porto Alegre to Confins

Those departing from Porto Alegre to Confins airport have flights with one stop and are serviced by LATAM, Gol and Azul. Prices range from R$ 934 to R$ 1600.

6 Tips to enjoy the Diamantina Carnival without worries

1- Take care to stay hydrated throughout the revelry.

2- Book flights and accommodation in advance, don't leave it to the last minute. Remember that it is a holiday and many people want to know the most carnival destinations.

3- Check how to get to Diamantina. The distance between the city and the capital of Minas Gerais is long.

4- Book the transfer as soon as you buy the airline tickets and Reserve the hotel. The same is valid if you choose to go by bus to the city, buy the tickets online.

5- If you can only travel on Saturday, the 25th, think about the possibility of including one less day of revelry, to rest.

6- See if it's not better to come back on the 28th, especially if you have to work in the afternoon of March 1st.

Interested in getting to know the Carnival of Diamantina but couldn't find your city among our flight suggestions? Click here and look for the best prices and options. Also search for other dates if you can go before the 25th and prefer to return on the 28th of February.

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