Airline Tickets for the Carnival of Florianópolis on Promotion

Floripa, as the city of Florianópolis is affectionately called, is also popular when it comes to Carnival. So much so that towards the end of the year it promotes an event called Florianópolis, which is very reminiscent of the festivity of the holiday.

The coolest thing is that in addition to enjoy the revelry you will still be close to the beach and you can take the opportunity to take a bath in the sea. Do you want to know the Carnival of Florianópolis? Get to know a little about what the party is like there and also see some options for flight tickets to Floripa.

Airline Tickets for Carnival in Florianópolis

Florianopolis Carnival

The festivity of Floripa is totally without prejudice. Everyone takes to the streets for a quiet and very lively party. There the party is known as Carnival Magic and can be considered one of the most complete in the country. Attractions to enjoy and have fun will certainly not be lacking for those who choose to skip Carnival in this city.

Samba school parades, street blocks and shows with national artists are on the schedule for this year's carnival. In addition to public celebrations, you can also find private ones. In other words, there is no excuse not to make the most of it.

Flights from Curitiba to Florianopolis

Are you going to leave Curitiba towards the island of magic? Know that the best fares are those that have a stopover. Gol, Azul, LATAM and Avianca serve this section and tickets can vary from R$ 1.4 thousand to R$ 1.6 thousand.

Flights from Sao Paulo to Florianopolis

Those departing from São Paulo have the advantage of being able to count on offers for direct flights to Floripa. Prices range from R$ 955 to R$ 1,600 depending on the airline chosen. The stretch is serviced by Gol, LATAM, Avianca and Azul.

Flights from Rio de Janeiro to Florianopolis

Are you in Rio de Janeiro? Don't worry, it's possible to find flights departing to Florianópolis on Carnival weekend dates.

Azul, Avianca, Gol and LATAM work with this segment, but Azul only offers the one-stop option while the other airlines have direct flights. Airfare prices range from R$ 960 to R$ 2,500.

Flights from Belo Horizonte to Florianopolis

Are you in Belo Horizonte? It's time to start researching the best airfare prices to be able to enjoy the Carnival of Florianópolis without great worries.

only LATAM, Voegol Ticket Promotion and promotional packages and Azul work with this section and all have a stop to change aircraft. Prices range from R$ 917 to R$ 1,900, depending on the airline chosen.

Flights from Porto Alegre to Florianopolis

Those who are further south of the country can also decide to visit the revelry of Florianópolis. So if you live in Porto Alegre or other cities in Rio Grande do Sul, be sure to buy your air ticket.

There are direct or one-stop flight options, and Azul, LATAM and Gol do this route. Prices range from R$ 655 to R$ 1200.

5 Tips to enjoy the Carnival of Florianópolis

1- Don't leave it to the last moment. Do it booking flights and accommodation as soon as possible, after all, holidays are usually very busy dates.

2- Take advantage of enjoy the beach besides accompanying the electric trios and all the revelry.

3- Stay well hydrated throughout the party.

4- Take into account the cost-benefit when selecting the best flight to Florianópolis, so you can conciliate price, enjoy the revelry and a little rest.

5- Does the city from which you will depart towards Florianópolis have more than one airport? Make sure which one your plane will depart from, so you don't run the risk of missing the flight. Also, make sure the round trip is scheduled for the same airport, so you can plan ahead. Is it coming from another city than the ones mentioned here? visit this link and search for the best prices!

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