Airline Tickets for the Carnival of Recife on Promotion

when talking about travel in carnival, there are those who want to escape the revelry and those who insist on being part of the mess. Whatever your objective, it is interesting to start researching and booking your airfare and accommodation for the Carnival of Recife as soon as possible. So, when the holiday finally arrives, just enjoy and enjoy the revelry.

In the state of Pernambuco, Carnival is very lively and busy, being the Carnival of Recife and Olinda the big highlights for the date. Interested in knowing the festivities of Recife? Check out our airfare tips for Carnival from the city:

Airline Tickets to Recife Carnival

In 2017 the weekend starts on the 25th and goes until the 28th, with the 1st of March being Ash Wednesday. The ideal is to travel on the 24th at night or on the 25th in the morning if your objective is to save a discount hotel rate. The difficult thing is, of course, to reconcile the flights, but it is still possible to travel on the 25th without missing everything from the party.

A little bit about the Recife Carnival

O Galo da Madrugada block officially opens the region's festivities. It starts at 7 am and has more than 30 electric trios. All the blocks in the city usually end in the late afternoon and that's when the shows that last until dawn.

The cool thing about going to enjoy Carnival in Recife is that you can take a ?two in one? being able to stop in Olinda to know the party in this other city of Pernambuco.

The diversity of rhythms is what marks the revelry in the region and you will certainly not regret this choice for the holiday. You traditional samba school parades are present in Recife and the hallmark of its Carnival is the fact that it manages to combine a wide variety of rhythms and has an impeccable program.

Flights from Curitiba ? PR

if the idea is from Curitiba towards Recife know that the flight may have one or two stops and last from 5h to 9h. It is best to opt for those with a single stop, in Sao Paulo, because the price is usually more affordable. And if you can go on a trip on Friday, you'll have a little time to rest and you won't miss any day of revelry.

The companies that serve this stretch are the Avianca, a Goal, a LATAM and the Blue. If you can only travel on Saturday, opt for flights that leave early, such as Avianca, which is scheduled to arrive at 2:36 pm.

With Azul you have a direct one-way flight, arriving at 12:10 pm and you can return on Ash Wednesday with peace of mind. See more details of flights on this segment, here.

Flights from Sao Paulo ? SP

whoever leave São Paulo and if you can only travel on Saturday, you will have to miss a day of revelry, because all airlines offer flights to Recife only in the afternoon.

The good news is that the return trip can be postponed to Ash Wednesday as all planes arrive in São Paulo early in the morning. Another important detail is that practically all flights are direct.

It is worth mentioning that there are flights departing and arriving from Guarulhos, Congonhas and Viracopos. Want to know more about this snippet? Click here.

Flights from Rio de Janeiro ? RJ

Departing from Rio de Janeiro to Recife it is possible to find direct flights that leave early in the morning and allow you to arrive on the 25th, close to the hotel check-in time.

For the return trip, it is also possible to leave it for Ash Wednesday, as there are flights available for the morning period, a good option for those who will only work in the afternoon on March 1st.

There are planes departing from Galeão Airport and Santos Dumont Airport. For more information about this section, click here.

Flights from Belo Horizonte ? MG

If you are going from Belo Horizonte to Recife know that only the SCAMS, LATAM and Azul make this stretch and all involve at least one stop to change aircraft.

THE LATAM and the Blue They have the option of a direct flight, however it is necessary to check if it will be possible to reconcile the round trip schedules. For more information about this section, click here.

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