Flights to Wroclaw – Find out how much it costs to visit Poland

Who buy air ticket to Wroclaw can get to one of eastern european cities with more stories and names than you can find. Wroclaw is the Polish name of the city which is also known as Wroclaw, Vratislavia or Wroclaw. The city has just over 600,000 inhabitants and many of them are university students.

Built on 12 islands, the city is the capital of Silesia, it served as the stage for Euro 2012 and in 2016 it was the European Capital of Culture and in 2017 it hosted the World Games. These titles, however, do little to reflect what the third largest Polish city represents for local history.

Wroclaw or Vratislavia is a city in Lower Silesia, Poland.

What to do in Wroclaw on vacation?

There is a lot to discover in this city, from participating in sporting and cultural events, to taking extension, undergraduate or exchange courses at one of the many universities available.

if you plan buy air ticket to Wroclaw and spend a few days getting to know more about the city and its regional importance, keep an eye out for these amazing places to visit:

  • Market Square (Rynek) – With its preserved architecture, the space is listed by UNESCO and around it there are many colorful houses and restaurants that conquer tourists. The town hall is located there and for many reasons is one of the main attractions of Wroclaw;
  • Old Town/Historic Center – Like every historic center, the Old Town preserves the oldest buildings in the city and they are all around the Market Square, ensuring a complete tour of the center full of architectural elements from various eras;
  • historic churches – Worth a visit to the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and the Church of St. Elizabeth churches that tell much of the local history at different times and with their peculiarities;
  • 300 dwarves – The city hall spread 300 bronze dwarfs around the city and looking, finding and taking pictures with these figures became a real tourist tour of Wroclaw;
  • Tumski bridge – It's not just Paris that has a bridge with lots of love locks! Those who know Wroclaw will find many bridges, but only in Tumski will you see the love locks left by lovers who stroll through the Polish city.

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How much does it cost to travel to Poland?

Walking around Europe and paying everything in Euros can scare many Brazilians because of the currency conversion. But in Poland the currency used is oz?oty, each 1 z?oty is worth about 0.77 cents of real, which is very low considering that one euro costs more than R$3.30.

Among the main cities in Poland, we have Warsaw, Krakow, Katowice, Rzeszów and Szczecin, which also attract many tourists interested in knowing this country that managed to recover even after the destruction caused during the neo-Nazi attacks.

THE airfare to Wroclaw costs on average R$ 3,071 if purchased round trip up to six months in advance through the, a site that can identify the lowest prices for flights from all airlines. The companies that make the Brazil – Wroclaw route are: Lufthansa, LATAM, Klm and Air France. And there are direct flights or flights with two or more stops.

But it's not just airfare you should be concerned about. The trip to Poland will include other expenses such as food, accommodation and transport.

Ten days of airfare to Wroclaw round trip plus accommodation can cost more than R$ 4,545.70 for the CVC, but you can set up your own trip through Viajanet which in addition to consulting the cheapest airline tickets, also shows you the best hotel prices.

Typical Polish dishes

And the local food is not expensive, you can try typical dishes like Pierogis (stuffed potato pastries) for around 20 Zloty (PLN), which would cost around 5 euros (the dish comes with 3 pastries).

And for snacks in the city's bars, it's also cheap, about 10 (2.50?) to 15PNL (4?) to enjoy the famous Bagietka. The typical Polish beer is Grzaniec, sold hot and with cinnamon and honey. The average price is 8NPL (2?).

As you can see, food is not an expensive item in Poland, but you need to be aware that these prices can change. who can save on airfare and accommodation, using the services of Viajanet Travel Packages, manages to make the money to enjoy the city even more and even get to know other amazing destinations in Eastern Europe.

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