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With the value of the euro often above 3 reais, it can seem difficult to find airfare to any destination in Europe. If your dream is to get to know the old continent, see incredible and historical places up close, you can do that by not paying so much for the stretch.

It is common to find cheap flights to Europe throughout the year. See some examples of snippets available today.

How to Buy Cheaper Tickets to Europe?

There are ways to make your trip to Europe quite cheap. Here are some tips on how to buy cheaper tickets to the mainland.

Avoid Multitracks. If your intention is to visit different cities and countries in Europe, organize yourself so that you can arrive and depart from the same airport. Round-trip flights, when purchased at the same time, are much cheaper than multi-way flights.

Do not let last minute. Okay, this tip is valid for any passage. But European destinations tend to be considerably more expensive when you buy your trip less than a month in advance. Started planning? Buy your ticket soon!

Find a travel agency: even with a certain amount in hand, check with an agency you trust, if there is no possibility of a package for that same flight. Usually these companies get a little more discount for the sale of excerpts.

See different destinations. Just because you want to go to France, for example, doesn't mean you only need to land in Paris. In many cases, flights to smaller cities or other nations will get you incredible discounts.

Paying attention to all the above points, you will surely have a good economy on your tickets. Enjoy!

International Airline Tickets On Promotion

Among the routes to Europe that are on sale, you will find:

  • Arriving in Frankfurt (Germany): section from R$ 2048
  • Arriving in Munich (Germany): section from R$ 2446
  • Arriving in Berlin (Germany): section from R$ 2662
  • Arriving in Dublin (Ireland): section from R$ 2765
  • Arriving in Madrid (Spain): section from R$ 2042

Cheap Airline Tickets to Europe

In addition to the values mentioned above, you can find other promotional items from all over Brazil. Look:

  • From Brasilia to Madrid: section from R$ 2042
  • From São Paulo to Brussels: section from R$ 1953
  • From São Paulo to Stockholm: section from R$ 1.832
  • From São Paulo to Lisbon: section from R$ 2055

The quoted values for air tickets to New York are available today on sites such as rapi10 promotional air tickets! These also do not include the boarding fees that are obligatorily charged by all airports. You can search the excerpts and buy them today so you don't miss the promotion!


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