Cheap Airline Tickets for Valentine's Day

celebrate valentine's day is something very important for some couples and that's why they want the day to be perfect and nothing better than a trip for two to fulfill that wish. But the Valentine's Day it is not a holiday, and several times the day falls, even on weekdays, when it is necessary to work, study and everything else in the normal routine.

But some get time off for those days, or even enjoy the weekend earlier or later to commemorate the date, even if symbolically. And nothing better than being able to have a celebration in an amazing place, but without spending a lot, right?

That's why in this article we've gathered the best tips to buy cheap tickets on Valentine's Day. Check out!

How to buy cheap tickets on Valentine's Day?

plane tickets depending on the time of year they can be very expensive, but if you know how search for airline tickets the right way it is possible to get good deals. See our tips:

Loyalty program and miles

Many airlines and airlines credit card have loyalty programs or miles programs, which after a period using some services becomes accumulate points or miles to exchange for airline tickets, this can be a good tip to buy cheap tickets on Valentine's Day.

Always check if you are participating in these programs and check your points, even if you don't have enough points to exchange for tickets, it's possible to pay a part with money and so the tickets leave with discounts.

Airline Tickets on Valentine's Day

Many airlines do market during weekends, or even at dawn, to be able to sell tickets at good prices. It is worth activating an alert for these promotions.

Just enter the company's website and register an email, whenever there are promotions you will receive an alert with the best deals on airline tickets for valentine's day. That way it's easier to get cheap tickets on Valentine's Day.

Traveling on Valentine's Day Plan ahead

like the valentine's day is on june 12 and it may be that it falls on a weekday, you can plan your trip in advance and that way you can also buy cheaper tickets. A month or even a little longer before the trip, you can get tickets at good prices.

But remember, the closer you leave the trip, the more expensive the tickets will be, so don't waste time looking for the tickets and booking your trip in time.

Where to go on Valentine's Day?

The options where to go traveling on valentine's day are many, including in Brazil itself, because in this way it is possible to do even fastest weekend trips, but still celebrate the date in a special way with those you love. Check out the top places to travel on Valentine's Day:

Black gold

Ouro Preto, in Minas Gerais, is one of the most famous historic cities in Brazil, in June there are several cultural festivals in the city, in addition to the cold that makes it even more charming, it is a great option for valentine's day trip and that can be done even on a weekend.

Campos do Jordão

Campos do Jordão, in São Paulo, is much sought after by couples who want to take a romantic trip, it has beautiful architecture and also several options for tours to be done as a couple. You hotels and inns they have a sophisticated design, some even look like castles, a good choice of place to celebrate the date in a romantic way.

Rio de Janeiro

Even though June is winter, Rio de Janeiro is always sunny, so for those who like to go to the beach, this is the best option for a trip on Valentine's Day. In addition, it is possible to go to the mountains and enjoy a little bit of the cold in Petrópolis or Teresópolis, for example.

And if you've visited some of these cities for a romantic trip or know more tips to buy cheap tickets on Valentine's Day, tell us in the comments!

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