Cheap Flights to Salvador Bahia

The city of São Salvador enchants any tourist not only for its natural beauty, but also for its infinite culture. Brazil started in Bahia and spending a few days in the state capital is also to see a little of our ancestors up close.

Depending on the time of your trip, you can find great routes to Salvador. If your intention is to travel on holiday or on your next vacation, see which sections are on sale today!

Cheap Flights to Salvador Capital

Arriving in the capital of Bahia is a gift from the orixás! You can book your trip right now by taking advantage of the cheap travel packages take off! See the snippets that are on sale.

  • Cheap Tickets from São Paulo: sections from R$ 250.
  • Cheap Tickets from Rio de Janeiro: sections from R$ 171.
  • Cheap Tickets from Porto Alegre: sections from R$ 419.
  • Cheap Tickets from Curitiba: sections from R$ 383.
  • Cheap Tickets from Brasília: sections from R$ 204.
  • Cheap Tickets from Maceió: sections from R$ 240.
  • Cheap Tickets from Fortaleza: sections from R$ 204.
  • Recife Cheap Tickets: sections from R$ 116.

Cheap Airline Tickets to Bahia de Madrugada

Traveling at dawn is also very good! In addition to not having a problem with a full airport, tiring queues, among other problems, you can still save a lot. Usually the early morning stretches are much cheaper! See some examples:

  • Cheap Tickets Departing from Aracaju: stretch from R$ 92.
  • Cheap Flights Departing from Sao Paulo: excerpt from R$ 275.
  • Cheap Tickets Departing from Brasilia: section from R$ 431.
  • Cheap Tickets Departing from Rio de Janeiro: section from R$ 500.
  • Cheap Tickets Departing from Recife: section from R$ 109.
  • Cheap Tickets Departing from Ilhéus: stretch from R$ 114.
  • Cheap Tickets Departing from Fortaleza: stretch from R$ 326.
  • Cheap Tickets Departing from Londrina: section from R$ 490.

Lightning Tickets and Offers to Salvador ? ba

If you like to follow closely all the deals on airline tickets, you can still catch sections with unmissable offers. See some examples:

  • Tickets Departing from São Paulo: section from R$ 202.
  • Tickets Departing from Rio de Janeiro: section from R$ 178.
  • Tickets Departing from Recife: section from R$ 161.
  • Tickets Departing from Brasília: section from R$ 187.
  • Tickets Departing from Belo Horizonte: section from R$ 167.
  • Tickets Departing from Fortaleza: section from R$ 207.
  • Tickets Departing from Aracaju: stretch from R$ 206.
  • Tickets Departing from Maceió: section from R$ 261.
  • Tickets Departing from Campinas: section from R$ 212.
  • Tickets Departing from Ilhéus: section from R$ 179.
  • Tickets Departing from Vitória da Conquista: section from R$ 280.

The price information on all tickets above does not include the boarding fees that are obligatorily charged at the airports. The flights mentioned are available today, so it is recommended to book as soon as possible. They may change without notice in any way due to circumstances of the flight operator's or ticket issuer's internal policy.

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