Traveling is always great, and making an international trip on a budget. With the arrival of the vacation period, the number of people looking for travel packages and air tickets on sale grows. With that in mind, here are some unmissable offers. Several airlines have promotional air tickets that will allow you to see the whole world! Check out 12 international destinations to travel cheap!

1- From São Paulo to Santiago de Chile, Chile

Gol has great promotions for the Chilean capital to travel cheap: round trip tickets, direct flight, for less than R$677, that's right! It costs R$421.36 and you can still pay it in up to twelve interest-free installments.

Click on the airline's page and check the available dates: It is important to add that the boarding tax and charges are not included in the value of the promotion.

2- From São Paulo to Buenos Aires, Argentina

Traveling cheap is with Qatar: go to beautiful and romantic Buenos Aires for less than R$600 reais. The air ticket is going out, exactly, for R$538.21 and you can pay in installments on your credit card.

Click on the airline's page and check the available dates: It is important to add that the boarding tax and charges are not included in the value of the promotion.


3- From São Paulo to Cartagena, Colombia

Copa Airlines has air tickets worth R$928, round trip, to the incredible coastal city of Cartagena, Colombia. You can pay in installments on your credit card and not weigh in your pocket. Visit the airline's website:

4- From São Paulo to Lisbon, Portugal

How about getting to know Lisbon paying only R$1431 reais in the ticket, which can also be paid in installments? Enter the Turkish Airlines website now and find out more information regarding payment methods and available dates for travel cheap:

5- From São Paulo to Madrid, Spain

The airline Air China has promotional tickets to the Spanish capital for the value of R$1413 reais. Want to know more information about packages and available dates? Click on the page and see:

6- From São Paulo to Miami, in the United States

Avicanca has promotional tickets to bustling Miami for R$1059, can you believe it? How about going to the site and check out more information about it? Access now:

7- From São Paulo to Montevideo, Uruguay

If you haven't visited the Uruguayan capital yet, you need to take advantage of this opportunity with the Gol airline tickets for travel cheap. Pay only R$584 reais and still pay your credit card in up to 10 interest-free installments. Find out more information on the airline's website:

8- From São Paulo to New York, in the United States

If you've dreamed of visiting the entertainment capital, the time is now! Buy flights to New York for only R$1430 reais, through Aeromexico. To learn more, visit:


9- From São Paulo to Paris, France

Can you imagine visiting the most romantic capital in the world for only R$ 1431 reais? This is the value of the tickets, round trip, through Turkish Airlines. Are you doubting? Take a look:

10- From São Paulo to Rome, Italy

Turkish Airlines, once again, with promotions on airline tickets that will help you get to know the world! Do you want to know Rome? Go for R$1431 reais and still pay in up to 12 interest-free installments.

11- From São Paulo to Orlando, in the United States

Another one from Aeromexico to travel cheap! Go to Orlando, where the fantastic Disney World park is located, for only R$1.512 and paying up to 12 interest-free installments! Do not forget that the boarding tax and charges are not added to this value.

12- From São Paulo to Cancun, Mexico

Tickets to Mexico are always very expensive, but Lan has a very good promotion, in which you pay only R$1838 reais and you can still pay in up to 12 interest-free installments, can you imagine getting to know this Mexican paradise by paying in installments at credit card?

Go to the airline's page and learn more. Look how many opportunities. Enjoy it right now and make your trip spending very little.

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Ana Carvalho

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