Many people believe that buying airfare for seniors aged 60 It's like buying bus tickets, but it's not. The federal law that guarantees free intercity travel for people over 60, it does not apply to airline tickets. In fact, until mid-2016 there was a federal law that encouraged tourism for the elderly, but the government cut the money that was used to offer personal loans to pay for trips.

With the end of this program, the retirees no longer have a line of credit to pay for their trips, however, they can count on several sites that offer promotional air tickets.

Today we are going to help you with free airline tickets for seniors and show you some interesting places where you who are over 60 can get to know and enjoy every day off conquered after so many years working.

Where to buy discount airfare for seniors

Since it is not possible to have free airline tickets, travelers can take advantage of discounts offered by companies that place seats on some flights at very interesting prices.

But following all the airlines every day to take advantage of discounts is a lot of work, which makes websites such as Viajanet appear which has its own area to advertise air ticket promotions.

passagens aereas para idosos com desconto

On a single site, in a few clicks and you are faced with amazing trips with interesting values that can be enjoyed not only for those over 60 years old, but also for companions of any age.

Were you waiting for an opportunity to travel with your family? These promotional tickets will be able to make the dream come true and you can take advantage of all this with the traveler, a website that aims to help you in the search for cheaper air tickets.

What about get to know the capital of Paraná paying very cheap for the flight departing from São Paulo? Through Viajanet you can find promotional airfare starting at R$ 142.

In Curitiba you will find several interesting sights not just for those over 60, but for the whole family.

With a mild climate, the city offers sightseeing spots such as the Botanical Garden, Oscar Niemeyer Museum, Bosque Alemão, Bosque de Portugal, Palácio Avenida and many others.

Another interesting tip from tour with cheap tickets is from Porto Alegre to Florianópolis paying only R$ 151 for the flight.

And in Floripa you will find famous beaches such as Praia dos Ingleses, Praia da Joaquina, Jurerê Internacional, as well as tours such as the Santa Catarina Art Museum, the Metropolitan Cathedral and many other points.

How to choose travel for seniors

When choosing a trip for passengers over 60, it is important to think not only about the price of the air ticket, but also about the tours that you will find there. Those who have reached this age are often already retired, their children are grown and can travel peacefully at any time of the year.

But it is necessary to think about your physical conditions to be able to choose places with a climate that will not harm you, with tours that do not require much effort – if you have any health problems and especially a place to stay that is cozy to receive those who are in the best shape. age.

Recalling that according to the Elderly Statute (Law 10.741/03), people over 60 years of age have preferential access to places where artistic and leisure events are held, as well as to means of transport.

passagens promocionais para idosos com mais de 60 anos

Who travel alone must insist on demanding their rights, not accepting any type of negligence. If you have mobility problems or have special needs, don't stay with fear of traveling by plane, as many airlines offer exclusive support for seniors who buy airline tickets.

Knowing how to choose the right place at the right time of year is very important. A travel agent can help you if you need a specific travel guide.

But buying air ticket online you can save and enjoy incredible moments with friends, family or even alone.

If you go to the beach, for example, avoid exposing yourself to the sun between 12pm and 4pm, bring sunscreen and a hat. It's not about limiting your trip, it's about enjoying it without putting your health at risk.

And even those who don't have any kind of health problem should pay attention and take precautions so that this trip goes as planned.