Did you know that it is possible to save money when buy cheap airline tickets? If you have the desire to acquire discount plane tickets If you don't want to pay the full amount, keep an eye on this tip, because we'll teach you how to buy airline tickets with the miles you accumulate.

For those who don't know the air miles are a loyalty program offered by several airlines whose objective is to count the mileage traveled by the passenger and exchange these values for points so that he can purchase new tickets.

The mile count refers to distance, one mile is equivalent to 1,600 meters. An example: One trip from Salvador to São Paulo offers 1,239.4 miles. Anyone who takes this route using a loyalty program will accumulate a nice amount and can even try to buy airline tickets with miles.

Air Miles How to Earn?

But before you run out to try exchange airline miles for plane tickets you need to understand that the more trips you make, the more miles you'll have to exchange for airline tickets. This is the main objective of the program: to make people buy more tickets to accumulate points.

But besides buy cheap airline tickets with miles, there are other loyalty programs from financial institutions that allow customers to exchange points for miles, which is a second way to accumulate more points.

Credit cards are the main financial products for accumulating miles without having to travel by plane constantly, see if your card administrator offers a program to accumulate points and register to be able to buy airline tickets with miles.

How to Buy Cheap Air Miles?

With travel miles or those acquired through credit card points programs, the customer can search for airlines such as Voegol Smiles and Airline Miles to then make the exchange and purchase airline tickets. These tickets can be discounted or totally free, it all depends on the amount of miles accumulated, the more you have, the better the discounts.

This type of promotion is really worthwhile and to facilitate your search for airline tickets, some companies have their own website to exchange miles, especially when the customer participates in exclusive loyalty programs.

In these cases, you can follow the miles statement and check the options for purchasing airline tickets with miles. In the statement you will find all purchases that generated points and what you can purchase with the available balance.

Buy Cheap Airline Tickets with Miles

If you've accumulated a good amount of miles and want to redeem them to buy airline tickets, know that the procedure is quite simple. If you don't have a website for the points program you are registered with, contact the airline of your choice and see how you can redeem your miles.

The procedure is simple and very safe, so much so that more and more people are taking advantage of this advantage to fulfill their dream of discovering incredible destinations at a great cost.

Check your bank or credit card loyalty programs and also check with the airlines themselves, as almost all of them offer advantages for buying airline tickets with miles.

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