How to Plan a Complete Trip Without Mistakes?

plan a trip It is a process that requires a lot of care and research. There are several steps that can result in a perfect trip or simply ruin what could be the best vacation of your life.

Planning is the step that will define the form how you will travel (car, plane or bus), how many days will you stay, where you will be staying, which tours will be taken and etc.

All these details must be carefully defined and we will help you learn how to plan a trip through essential tips.

Step by step on how to plan a trip

Traveling on vacation or just enjoying a weekend or long holiday is the desire of many Brazilians. But when choosing where and how to go, these are steps that deserve attention. Therefore we plan a step-by-step guide on how to plan a trip:

Dates and Periods

When will you be available to travel? Choosing the date greatly influences the planning of the trip, even interfering with the value (because of the low and high season). The period refers to the number of days you will stay in that place. The more days, the more expensive it will be for hosting.

choice of destination

go to beautiful beaches in the northeast or choose a city in Europe? The choice of destination has more to do with personality, projects and how much you are willing to spend on this trip.

Also think about the season, for example summer travel to the beaches of the Northeast it gets much more expensive. In winter, Serra Gaúcha, bariloche, Buenos Aires, Santiago and other southern countries get more expensive as well.


Go travel by car? This adventure also requires planning. Route to be taken, fuel values, drivers available to take turns, etc. Bus is a great alternative and often cheaper. But long journeys take days to complete, making the trip more tiring.

Are you willing to take several days to reach your destination? So this could be the best way to travel. Plane is no longer the most expensive means of transport, on sites like Rapi10 Travel and Airline Tickets you can find flight deals that end up being cheaper than road transport.

where to stay

Another item that you should choose when planning a trip is where you will be staying. Who does not have relatives and friends in the chosen destination will have to choose one hostel, inn or hotel. On Viajanet you can find the cheapest establishments and you can make your reservation in a few clicks.


Now that you've decided on the main points, it's time to list the places you'd like to go, choose from the best destinations such as tourist attractions, restaurants, etc.

Plan a trip or buy packages?

Many travel agencies offer complete and closed travel packages. So you just say the day and the destination and the company shows you the available transport, the hotel that has a partnership and the tours that it can sell you.

This might be the easiest way to plan a trip, but it might not be the best way for you. Especially if you want to save money, as ready-made packages are often not the cheapest.

If you want the values minors for tickets and accommodation the Viajanet website can help you find them. Just inform the city of origin, the destination and the travel date and you will find cheap air tickets and accommodation for values that will fit in your pocket.

It is very simple to plan a trip with the Cata Travel Packages Price, you will find everything you need, including the special service to check when is the best time to travel to the destination of your interest and an exclusive area for car rental.

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