How to Travel Cheap? Complete Guide with Tips and Cautions

What about learn how to travel cheap and enjoy incredible tips to discover different places, rest and have fun without spending too much? Today we present you a complete guide to how to save on travel, we believe that after reading this article you will be ready to mount national and international trips and spend only what you are willing to pay for the package.

For this, we will teach you how to travel well and cheaply with options of places and times for you to enjoy alone, as a couple, as a family or with friends.

How to Travel Cheap? Plan Your Trip

To start, we will give you tips on how to travel cheaply through planning a trip. We often resort to purchase of ready-made travel packages, researching only the values with major travel companies.

Some sites even help us to find the cheapest packages, but often the values can be even lower if you plan where to go, when to go, how to go, where to stay, how many days to stay, which tours to take and etc.

We have other tips to pass on to those who want to save money on their trip. Write down:

  1. High and Low Season– To start planning, already determine the days of the trip. Setting the date is important for those who want to save money on the trip.

Who has vacation in july, for example, you can find airfare and hotel deals to the Northeast. This is because the high season in that region is during the summer.

While in winter, national destinations like Gramado and Curitiba are much more expensive because they are in high season. Our tip for traveling well and cheaply is to try to know the dates of high season and low season in the places that interest you.

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Avoiding high season is a way to save on all travel items, such as airfare, accommodation, food and even tours. Now if you really want to enjoy the high season, we have some interesting tips to buy in advance.

  1. Save on Airline Tickets – Airline tickets, for example, must be purchased up to three months in advance so you can travel cheap.

The sooner you buy it, the cheaper it will be. Write this down in your diary and, as soon as you confirm the date of your trip, hurry to secure the air ticket and save a significant amount.

Find airfare deals is also interesting, but you have to pay attention to the dates, because the vast majority of promotional air tickets have a deadline for the trip.

The promotions are indicated for those who have complete freedom to choose the date, who can travel at any time, that is, who already have everything planned to go whenever they want.

Another way to save on tickets is to use miles. Consult your card operator and choose to use only the card that earns points to be redeemed for miles more frequently.

  1. Cheapest Hosting – Those who have friends and family with homes in other cities, states and countries always have a place to stay. But if you go to one place where you don't know anyone need to learn how to travel cheap saving on hosting.

One of the best ways is to book in advance. Choose a hotel or inn in the destination city and check the values to book in advance. For this, it is necessary to deposit up to half of the total amount at the time of booking. Be financially prepared for this.

another way of travel well and cheap is looking for hostels, are the cheapest places to travel because they share accommodation with other tourists. Those traveling as a couple can still find private rooms at lower prices.

Want one more tip? Want to find other cheap hosting options? Then get to know services like Airbnb where it is possible to rent rooms in houses and apartments, rent shared rooms, rent the entire property and etc. dealing directly with the owner.

We still have the option to CouchSurfing ideal for those traveling alone who can have a sofa or bed provided by the owner of the property. Yes, space is assigned and there are no fees.

  1. Food Generates Expenses – Discovering typical foods or discovering the best restaurants in the destination city is something that costs a lot to travelers.

To have a really cheap trip, you need to know how to make interesting choices during the trip planning. Who does not want to have surprises should plan the gastronomic itinerary too. If you have an accommodation rental that allows you to prepare your own food, that's better.

Otherwise, choose accommodations that at least offer breakfast without charging extra fees. Generally, other meals at the hotel's restaurant are more expensive, our tip is to look for cheaper options around the city, especially in establishments far from the big city center.

Avoid, for example, buying water on the street, always look for a supermarket where the prices of these products are cheap.

  1. Transport – If you are not traveling by car, you need to worry about how you will get around during your stay in the city.

One of the best transport options is the car rental. Several cities have this service and you can find companies in this field even at airports, you already leave there with a rented vehicle.

In some cities in Brazil and in several cities around the world it is already possible to take advantage of the Uber, a much cheaper service than Taxi.

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Cheap Places to Travel in Brazil

We have arrived at the favorite spot for those looking for options to travel cheap! We will list below some Brazilian cities that have a value that fits in your budget.

Cheap beaches:

The Brazilian coast has impressive landscapes! But traveling to the most famous cities can require a high investment. As we are teaching you how to travel cheap, we are going to list some destinations that are worth it and that cost the right amount.

Cabo Frio (RJ) – has beautiful beaches with crystal clear water and dunes;

Maragogi (AL) – one of the cheapest destinations in the Brazilian Northeast;

Guarapari (ES) – quiet beaches and affordable local cuisine;

João Pessoa (PB) – even though it is a capital, the prices to walk around there are very attractive, but be prepared for the prices of the air tickets (or use our tips to buy discount air tickets);


Our interior also has beautiful places that are worth visiting.

Poços de Caldas (MG) – it is a city that has all the charm of Minas Gerais with a mild climate, waterfalls, lots of greenery and delicious cuisine;

Ponta Grossa (PR) – city with rich natural beauties such as caves and lagoons;

Caldas Novas (GO) – the great differential of the city are the resorts with warm waters;

Traveling Cheap the World

International travel costs a lot, right? Wrong. It is possible to find cheap destinations to escape the rise of the dollar, euro and pound;

Santiago (Chile) – the Chilean capital has low cost not only with accommodation and air tickets departing from Brazil, but also tours and food;

Bogota (Colombia) – cheap capital! Those who love cities and historic centers need to know this city;

Montevideo (Uruguay) – South America has beautiful cities with affordable prices and Montevideo is one of them;

Mendoza (Argentina) – a charming city that, especially at the end of autumn, receives numerous Brazilian tourists due to its climate and natural beauty;

Lima (Peru) – the capital is great for those who want to travel and spend little, it has everything a big city offers, such as parks, clubs and great restaurants;

Curacao (Caribbean) – Caribbean beaches can be cheaper than Brazilian beaches and this destination is the biggest proof of that.

Krakow (Poland) – the city has a low cost of living and it is possible to spend very little spending a few days in Eastern Europe;

Bali (Indonesia) – Do you want to know amazing places? Bali is another amazing destination that costs very little. Knowing this city is one of the biggest proofs that it is possible to travel well and cheaply.

Bangkok (Thailand) – traveling cheap and discovering less likely destinations is an experience that only those who have read our guide can have. The city has low costs and offers magical moments to its visitors;

Istanbul (Turkey) – the same happens with Istanbul, the Turkish city is known for being the only one in the world divided between two continents: Europe and Asia.

Did you see how is it possible to travel cheap? We show you ways to get plan a trip from start to finish with amazing tips! We hope that this guide has helped you to better understand how it is possible to make your vacation fit within your budget without depriving yourself of anything. Take advantage of our tips and travel more around Brazil and the world.

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