Lawn is one of most famous cities in Rio Grande Sul and attracts thousands of tourists every year, especially in winter, when the city receives most visitors who go in the expectation that snow will. The city is also a reference when it comes to wines and chocolates, but in addition to the excellent cuisine, Gramado has several tourist attractions that are mandatory for any tourist.

Are you planning a trip to Gramado and want to know more about the city's sights? We talk about some of them below!

mini world

Castles, houses, postcards from different countries and much more, all in miniature, this is the Mini Mundo de Gramado. The place was a gift from a grandfather to his grandchildren and today it is one of the most famous attractions in the city, it is a place to travel with children, as there is a children's amusement park on site, but even adults are delighted with the place.

Enchanted world

Mundo Encantado is the possibility for the visitor to know a little more about the gaucho culture from the traditions and customs that came with the German and Italian colonizers.. In the place it is possible to see mills, houses, sawmills and even the replica of a maria smoke, all with the same appearance of the colony era. Everything that is exposed has an aspect ratio 15 times smaller than the original.


Dreamland Wax Museum

Seeing artists such as Charles Chaplin, Elvis Presley, Elton John and waxworks is not exclusive to those traveling abroad. in Gramado, Dreamland is the first wax museum in Latin America. It is worth a visit to the museum, but the most excited should know that photographs are not allowed on the site.

In addition, after visiting the wax museum, the tourist can take the opportunity to visit another tourist point of the place, the Harley Moto Show, a themed pub that works in the basement of the museum and has an exhibition with more than 20 models of Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Other sights that are a mandatory stop for tourists are the shops and chocolate factories scattered around the city, as well as the Igreja do Relógio and its beautiful views, the São Pedro Church and the Santa Claus Village.

In addition, there are several themed restaurants that serve the best of gaucho cuisine, but it is necessary to pay attention to the calendar, as some restaurants only serve typical food on specific days.

Ravanello Winery

How about taking advantage of the tour to get to know a winery and still be able to taste and wines that are made on site? Well, going to Gramado you can enjoy and visit the Ravanello Winery, which is close to the city center. The company is small, but has a lot of family history, and in addition to knowing the history of the place and seeing the step by step of the day to day in a winery, you can also taste three types and wines during the tour. The visit is entirely guided, so you need to check the available times for each day of the week.

black lake

If you want a walk in the great outdoors, going to Lago Negro is definitely your choice. It is an artificial lake that is in a park open 24 hours a day. If you go in hot weather, you can take the opportunity to have a picnic on the lawn.


It is also possible to take a pedalo on the lake, a great program to do as a couple. Surrounded by Lago Negro there are some restaurant options that are a good option to enjoy and taste the gaucho food. So if you go to Gramado, fit a trip to Lago Negro into your schedule!

Where to stay in Gramado?

If you go to Gramado a good tip is to rent a car, so you can stay in good hotels with lower prices, but that are a little further away from the downtown area. Another tip is to stay in Canela, the daily rates are much lower than in Gramado and the cities are very close, in addition, the city of Canela also has great places to visit.

This way you can save money and even visit more places in one trip. Gramado is also a great place for trips as a couple or with groups of friends, as it has attractions for whatever the reason for the trip.

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Fernanda Smith is a master's student in language sciences at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, graduated in Journalism at the same institution that supports rubro negro.