Disney Travel: Is Low Season Cheaper? Check Prices

When the subject is go to disney everyone has advice to give, whether it's time to choose what to visit, or what to take with you, but regardless of the type of tips you'll receive, one thing is unanimous, you should prefer to travel downtown. season.

And this happens for several reasons, but the main thing is that old supply and demand thing, a Disney trip in low season is possible find better prices on tickets and even hotels, because that's when fewer people go there, and that's why airlines and hotel chains make promotions in order to attract customers.

So if you're thinking of booking your Disney trip in the low season, check out this article for the best tips on promotions and prices.

How to find Disney travel deals in low season?

If you have availability to make your Disney trip in low season, know that you can get great prices due to promotions that are made with the aim of encouraging people to travel at times that are considered to be of low demand, in this way both companies are able to make a profit, when tourists can travel with much cheaper prices, being able to leave up to half the price of a trip in high season.

To find promotions you can use sites like Takeoff.com/Promocoes, or Urban Hotel, where you put travel date, return date, and it already selects the best prices for you on the chosen dates or on dates in the near future.

But you can also go directly to the airlines website and look for deals on tickets or Disney travel packages in low season. Many even run giant campaigns with the aim of attracting customers' attention and encouraging them to travel during low demand.

Another way is by choosing travel through a travel agency where you can buy a complete package with accommodation and even park tickets included. You can find complete packages at half price at tourist agencies just because it is low season.

In addition, going with an agency you can count on practicalities such as the help of a tour guide, tickets to the parks you have already purchased, and you will also meet more people in similar situations to yours on the trip, that is, you will be able to make friends during the tour.

So answering the initial question, yes it is Cheaper to take a Disney trip in low season, which usually takes place from August to October, when the American school holidays are over.

If you want to avoid the high season at Disney, don't book your trip for the months of December, January, March, June and July, which is when vacations and major holidays in the United States happen and so many people take the opportunity to go to Disney.

Check prices for a Disney trip in low season

If you also want to organize yourself with values, we have selected some Disney travel offers in the low season, but it is always good to remember that it is necessary to consult an agency or airline on days close to the trip to confirm the values and thus be sure about how much you will spend. spend on the trip.

One trip to Disney by CVC come out in average to 6 to 9 thousand reais to stay between 7 and 10 days, some packages do not include air tickets. But in low season It is possible to buy packages that vary from 3 to 5 thousand reais for the same number of days and airfare included.

only the airline tickets in normal or high season you can pay between 2 and 3 thousand reais round trip, in low season, depending on the day of departure and return, you can get tickets for just over a thousand reais round trip.

Another incentive for want to take a Disney trip in low season is that ticket prices for Disney parks have changed, and in low season they will be cheaper than in high season when demand is higher.

The objective is to encourage people to visit the parks in the low season so that they do not have to queue for hours and hours, as happens in the high season.

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