Missed your flight? Learn How to Rebook or Change Your Air Ticket on Domestic Flights

as much as you have get organized in advance and calmly decide the best date and time for your trip and consequently ended up buying your plane ticket unforeseen events can happen. Maybe you have to change travel date or simply the flight schedule.

Of one thing you are absolutely sure, you do not intend give up the ticket and intend to use it, on another date, at another time or even to another destination.

If this situation happened to you, you would know exactly How to proceed to request the change of your air ticket? See now how the change of plane tickets works in the case of domestic flights:

Missed your flight?

How does changing airline tickets for domestic flights work?

Must be done up to 3 hours before the flight

THE change of airline tickets can only be done with a minimum of three hours in advance before the flight, otherwise it will be necessary to request a refund of the amount paid or it will be considered that the passenger did not show up for the flight in this case the value for change is the no show, normally higher than the change before departure.

It is worth mentioning that you can only request a time change, flight and date, and it is not possible to change the name of the passenger on the ticket.

Amounts to be paid

A fine is charged to the passenger to change his ticket. The amount varies by class and airline. It is an amount that the company charges to change a ticket to another date, flight or time. It can be a flat fee or a percentage of the amount paid for the ticket, less the departure tax.

This fee charged as a fine has become a source of extra income for airlines, with the aim of avoiding changing flights and offsetting administrative costs generated by these changes. In addition, the fare difference on the new date/flight/time chosen is also paid.

At Gol Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes the premium class? available only on international flights, you do not need to pay a ticket change penalty.

O The same is valid for those who opt for the flexible economy class. In the case of the scheduled or promotional fare, the passenger will have to pay a fine of R$ 130.00 for domestic flights.

At fly Blue Tickets and Travel the fine is similar. Customers who buy flex tickets do not pay a fine, whereas those who opt for promo fares need to pay R$ 150.00, when done through the company's website ? and R$ 160.00 ? when carried out through the call center plus the fare difference for domestic flights.

Do everything through the airline's website

Despite fees and fines to be paid, making a flight change is very easy and can all be done through the airline's website.

If you have purchased a cheap travel package this change must be made with the travel company. Remembering that the payment of fees and fines can only be made by credit or debit card.


Can I change my flight through the call center?

Yea, it is possible to change your flight through the call center of the airline, however some of them charge a higher amount for the change that is not carried out directly on the website.

It is the case of Fly Blue Tickets and Travel, which charges R$ 10.00 more to customers who change flights through the call center and not through the company's website.

Check ticket validity

THE Air ticket is valid for one year, according to Anac. Therefore, the change of flight, dates or times must occur within this period.

Change request after the flight

As the ticket has one year of validity, it is possible to request a change of dates or times after the flight has already departed, however, it is considered that the passenger did not attend the trip, being charged a fine + change fee.

The values vary according to the airline, and the www.voegol.com.br charges R$ 200.00 for program or promotional fares for domestic flights.

Azul charges R$ 200.00 to change domestic flights after departure. Promotional classes U, UU, V OO and Z do not allow for later changes or refunds.

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