Multiplus Fidelidade TAM Registration and Exchanges

O Multiplus Fidelidade TAM program it is a loyalty campaign unlike many other programs on the market. Its main difference is that customers do not accumulate miles, but points and with these points they can exchange for various awards, including airline tickets.

Those who like similar programs will love to know the multiplus TAM loyalty, because that way all the products you spend will be converted into points. One of the best ways to earn Multiplus points is by acquiring TAM tickets promotional or not, but this is not the only way.

Customers can also collect points through purchases at stores such as Ponto Frio, Dafiti, Posto Ipiranga and Samsung and many others. Your credit card purchases can also be converted into Multiplus TAM loyalty points, just register and transfer your score to this program.

Multiplus Loyalty Points Tam Consulta

Anyone who registers with Multiplus Fidelidade TAM can create a login and password on the site to view the balance of points. This procedure can be accessed whenever you want to purchase a product or just make sure that the points are being accumulated in your account.

This way it is easy to keep track of whether all purchases made at partner companies are earning points and it is also easy to track the amount available and which prizes can be redeemed.

The more points you collect, the better the redeemed products. Even if you are not interested in airline tickets, the Multiplus TAM loyalty program becomes interesting as it offers various products such as household appliances, clothing, tickets to concerts and theaters, and much more.

Multiplus Points TAM Trocas

Those interested in participating in this program can count on a simple system for exchanging points. Once you reach a legal value, simply choose the option to redeem points to check the available options.

TAM has programmed a website that looks a lot like a virtual store and the exchange currency is not money, but the points you have accumulated. There are more than 420,000 products available to customers of this program with differentiated values, you will certainly find great merchandise to redeem your points.

In addition to these products from partner stores, the customer can choose to exchange points for airline tickets and take the trip of their dreams, or to gift a friend or family member with this ticket.

For a long time, customers were looking for frequent flyer programs, an efficient way to get free or discounted airline tickets. But today Multiplus offers a huge amount of products that can be redeemed with program points, and not just the tickets.

How to Buy Multiplus Points

But if, when entering the Multiplus Fidelidade TAM system, and you do not have enough points to buy the desired item, the program allows you to buy the remaining points.

The way to buy Multiplus points is very simple: you log in, access your account and choose the option “buy points”. It is possible to make a simulation of how many points you need to buy and if you accept the offer, just choose the payment method and that's it! Proceed with the purchase of the chosen merchandise.

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