If you're going to take a trip, be it. International or national, it is necessary to have a previous planning so that you do not have unforeseen events that could end up making your tour difficult. It is necessary to organize hotel reservations, flights and even extra money for any eventuality.

And one thing that is extremely important on any trip, even in backpacking without a certain destination, It is buy travel insurance, who will be responsible for bearing extra costs that you may have on your trip, such as medical expenses and even an emergency exchange of documents.

Many people Don't know how Travel Insurance works, but in this article we tell you everything you need to know about this essential item for a trip without unpleasant surprises.

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What is Travel Insurance?

As the name suggests, Travel Insurance serves to assure the person who hires it during a trip, regardless of the number of days, for possible unforeseen events that may occur in an unknown place.

With the Buying Cheap Travel Insurance, people can travel anywhere with the security that in cases of needing help, be it from doctors, money for an extra expense, or even in the event of an accidental death, travel insurance will help with the expenses that appear along the way.

How to buy Travel Insurance?

Overall, the Travel insurance is contracted in tourism companies that sell travel packages, the value of this insurance comes with the total value of the purchased package. But it is also possible to opt for separate travel insurance, this will depend on what the tourist wants the insurance to cover.

In general, the travel insurance that is already included in the value of the travel package is a more basic insurance, which only covers small costs, which means that the person has to purchase other types of insurance, such as insurance health in case of international travel.


There is also the possibility of contracting a more complete travel insurance directly with an insurance company, these types of insurance include reimbursement of more things, such as luggage, tickets, accommodation, and even insurance in case of death or disability of the insured,

Important tips when buying insurance

If you are going to buy travel insurance, you need to know a few things like:

  • Not all travel insurance contracted in Brazil works abroad, check this well in advance before the trip.
  • Call the embassy of the destination country and find out what travel insurance for that country should cover.
  • Find out if your travel insurance also covers medical care, otherwise take out health insurance as well.
  • Some countries do not require travel insurance, but hiring one is extra security so you can have a good trip.
  • If you are going to study in another country, you need to purchase student travel insurance, which is a little more complete than tour insurance.

Now that you have enough information about taking out reliable travel insurance, stay on top of the airfare deals and deals that we publish here daily.

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