Quanto tempo de casado tem que ter para ir para o japão? Em dias como estes, você deve estar querendo sair, desbravar e até mesmo enfrentar o desconhecido, por isso já parou para pensar se precisa casar para morar no Japão?

The land of the rising sun is considered by many other countries as a dream, a place of great cultural wealth, not to mention that the quality of sushi there is indescribable;

The point is, many of the visas offered to those who live on the other side of the world are employment for non-descendants in Japan is something more popular, but not impossible.

There is also the possibility of acquiring tourist and even student visas, this is due to the fact that Japan loves to receive students who can open even more doors in their job market, a great effort can promote much more value and respect than you would commonly think.

But going back to the topic of whether you need to get married to live in Japan, well, it is not entirely necessary for you to marry a person who is natively Japanese to acquire your residency visa, in case you are lucky enough to fall in love with a Japanese descendant. , it may be that the journey is smoother for you to get your visa.

But it is very important to point out that at least you arrive in the country speaking a little of the language and understanding the Japanese dialect, so don't waste any more time and start your studies right now. 


Quanto Tempo de Casado para ir para o Japão?

To be able to go to Japan with your spouse, it is necessary that you first request the issuance of a document known as Spouse Visa, it is essential for your and your suitor's entry to the land of the rising sun, as soon as you have your visa in hand, you can board the plane with a one-way destination to Japan.

to make the visa issuance of spouse will need:

Original passport, completed visa application form, 3×4 photo, authenticated copy of RG and CPF, Copy of marriage certificate authenticated and translated into Japanese, Koseki Tohon or Koseki no Zenbujikoshomeisho of the spouse being the original and a copy of it .

The spouse must also present the following documents:

1- If the spouse resides in Japan:

Original letter of guarantee, original Zaishokushomeisho (attestation of employment in Japan), original Juminhyo (attestation of residence in Japan), copy of current passport, Demonstration of the last 3 pay stubs and Proof of income.

2- In case the spouse goes to Japan together with the applicant:

Original letter of guarantee, Copy of passport up to date, Demonstration of the last 3 payslips and Proof of income.

Did you know?

The children of Japanese immigrants who came to Brazil are called Issei, since those born of them, that is, the second and third generation, are called respectively Nisei and Sansei,  this is due to the fact that no and san mean second and third in Japanese. 

How much does a wedding in Japan cost?

Depending on your religious beliefs, the celebration is likely to require an extensive set of robes, not to mention that you also need to know how many people will attend to know how much money in food to invest; For up to 100 people invited by the couple, it is possible to invest at least 3 million Yen.

But oriental weddings are a little distant from what is seen in Brazil, they attribute a more discreet decoration but that is still elegant, not to mention that they like to add many details that refer to their culture that is on the other side of the world, legend has it that this provides the attraction of good luck to the newly married couple.

Starting with the fact that in the land of the rising sun, it is common to use three glasses for the ceremony and instead of wine, the Japanese usually choose to use sake or, in the latter situations, champagne.

The cups represent, in order, the mention of the oath to God, the second the recognition of the couple's friends, family and parents and finally the third is intended to symbolize the new people who will emerge or experience the new life with the bride. and to the groom. 

There is also the implementation of 2 rosaries that are on the altar where the wedding takes place; For the Japanese, these rosaries represent nothing less than the union of the bride and groom's families.

Fica muito elegante se você adicionar ao altar, lanternas japonesas como decoração, mas a utilização de origamis pendurados sob fios de nylon podem criar uma atmosfera surpreendente, vale a pena testar.

Sem contar que o grande símbolo da terra do sol nascente, as árvores de cerejeira, podem ser algo simplesmente esplêndido de adicionar a decoração, nem que seja feita com tecidos ou com outros acessórios de ornamentação. 

Remember if:

Whatever wedding model you are going to adopt, hiring a good photographer can be vital; This so that you have a moment recorded for eternity with your loved one and that when you review the memories of this special day, it is possible to raise smiles from your loved one even in the most difficult moments.  

What are the main rules of divorce in Japan?

If you were going to look for a work for brazilians in japan, or even I was wondering if you need to get married to live in Japan, it is important to keep in mind what the main rules of divorce are in Japan, since the law of the land of the rising sun is very strong, you will need to have some things prepared in mind:

The first step is that you will need to present a document called Divorce Notice a prefeitura responsável pela sua província e também uma cópia ao seu país de origem;.

Sem contar que para uma família que é formada pelos pais e um ou mais filhos que ainda é não atingiram os 20 anos completos, será necessário decidir quem será o responsável pela guarda dos mesmos, caso o contrário, a notificação de divórcio será anulada. 

If everything happens legally and in accordance with the terms, the current divorced person must go to an immigration office to apply for his new visa, because after the divorce, the ex-spouse will lose the visa offered to him when he was in union. with a Japanese; The documents required for this are:

Notification that includes the divorce, Family Registry, Passport, Residence Card and only in cases of trial in court, the reports of the non-consensual action.