Salvador New Year's Eve Travel Packages

The capital of Bahia has charms that make it famous all over the world. For this reason, there are thousands of people looking for New Year's Eve Salvador travel packages to have the best New Year's Eve of their lives.

And it's no wonder: in addition to all the natural and cultural beauty of Salvador, the city hall still offers a show with the best names in national and local music, guaranteeing a New Year's Eve party that will remain in the memory of thousands of participants.

Apart from the city hall party, hotels, restaurants and inns also hold special parties for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of Praça Cairu, these more intimate options are great options.

It is important to already think about where you plan to spend New Year's Eve, whether it's on the beach, in the square following the presentations, at the hotel or inn, or even at a restaurant that has a schedule available.

So you can plan ahead and even reserve your table, if necessary, to secure a spot to celebrate the end of a year and the beginning of a new year.

Salvador Travel Packages

You Salvador travel packages during New Year's Eve they are very popular, so much so that many tour companies start selling these packages in advance.

Salvador is a city that has summer all year round, the high temperatures guarantee a high season that lasts much longer than other coastal cities in the country.

The beauty and its historical importance highlight the Bahian capital and attract tourists from all over the world. But the end of the year parties raise prices in the city, whoever manages to buy travel packages ends up finding interesting discounts and guaranteeing their spot for this end of year party.

The price difference is high, pbaking from R$ 850.00 to R$ 4,000.00 depending on the day of travel, the number of days and mainly the type of establishment you will choose to stay in the city.

New Year's Eve Hotels in Salvador

savior It is a tourist city, so its hotel chain has hundreds of hotels, inns and resorts with the most varied prices. When choosing New Year's Eve Salvador travel packages, it is necessary to choose a hotel and this choice will make all the difference in the price of the package.

If you prefer, first research the accommodation and determine the establishment according to your conditions. Once that's done, check with the travel agency the possibility of doing business with that hotel or inn.

Another alternative is you create your own travel package, choosing accommodation and purchasing air tickets on your own, without going through an agency.

Those who prefer to plan their trip this way can still find sites that offer a search for hotel prices and others that deliver the airline with the cheapest tickets.

new year's eve in salvador
Photo: Marcelo Gandra/Angelo Pontes/Max Haack

Discover Salvador in Incredible Tours

Take advantage of travel packages to Salvador on New Year's Eve to get to know some tours around the city. Those who are only staying on holiday, should opt for open tours that do not require tickets, as they may be closed during the New Year.

Among the points that will not be closed are the beaches, among them Morro de São Paulo, which is 250 kilometers from Salvador.

On the border with Sergipe, 255 kilometers from the capital, we have Mangue Seco, which became famous for being the location chosen for the recording of the soap opera “Tieta”.

THE Praia do Forte It should not be missing on your itinerary either, it is only 70 kilometers from Salvador and you will find clean beaches with natural pools that attract many tourists, especially those who want to know the center with handicraft shops and many restaurants.

Don't forget to stop by the famous Pelourinho, the most famous neighborhood of Salvador in the world.

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