Promotional Airline Tickets on Azul from R$ 59.00 for July

The end of July is coming and those who haven't traveled can still take advantage of this super promotion from Azul. From the 20th to the 30th of July, those who want to travel through Brazil can pay only R$59.00 for the! There is no obligation to buy round-trip tickets, but it is essential that flights take place within this range of dates so that the values are promotional.

We highlight some airfare deals for July for you to enjoy and travel on a budget! Who knows, maybe you can find that stretch and still enjoy the last week of the vacation? Check out.

Blue promotional tickets

Tickets on Azul's promotion can be consulted at company website. Just make the query normally and the discounted value is automatically applied. Remember to book your travel date for the days the promotion is valid!

See some available snippets!

  • From João Pessoa to Recife: sections from R$ 59.90;
  • From São Paulo (Congonhas) to Curitiba: sections from R$ 66.90;
  • From Curitiba to São Paulo (Guarulhos): sections from R$ 67.90;
  • From Curitiba to Rio de Janeiro (Santos Dumont): sections from R$ 88.90;
  • From Belo Horizonte (Confins) to Rio de Janeiro (Galeão): sections from R$ 119.90;
  • From São Paulo (Guarulhos) to Vitória (ES): sections from R$ 129.90;
  • From Porto Alegre to Rio de Janeiro (Santos Dumont): sections from R$ 140.90;
  • From Belo Horizonte (Confins) to Maceió: sections from R$ 299.90;
  • From São Paulo (Congonhas) to Recife: sections from R$ 185.90.

Conditions for purchasing promotional air tickets

At Azul promotional tickets are valid under certain conditions. We highlight the main ones:

– The promotion is valid until the 30/07;

– Flights must take place during this period. On dates outside the promotion you will pay the normal price of the segment;

– There is no obligation to buy round-trip tickets to get the discount. It is applied to the individual snippet;

– The amounts can be paid in up to 10 interest-free installments national credit card;

– Whoever has accumulated points in the Azul's Loyalty Program you can redeem these stretches with just 4,000 points;

– Promotional values are applied to purchases through the Azul website, in accredited travel agencies and also at the airport counter. In the last two points, in addition to the boarding tax, you also pay an additional R$ 35.00 for the service tax;

– All values highlighted above do not include boarding tax and other taxes.

THE Azul Airlines owns all rights to distribute the above excerpts. If you can no longer find them in your search, most likely the available seats have already been sold or the company has ended the promotional period.

In this case it is necessary to wait for a new discount promotion to pay less for your travels! Did you like the excerpts we highlighted? Do you have any that you will take advantage of for your vacation trip? Tell us!

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  3. I want to win tickets (2) in this promotion from 59.00 from Rio de Janeiro to Aracaju. Date 7/20/2017

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