Planning a vacation can be a very satisfying task for some people, but also a headache for others, because you have to pay attention to all the details, it's hotel reservation, travel insurance and most importantly the purchase of tickets.

Those who already have the habit of planning trips in advance know the importance of buying tickets before the date of travel, because in addition to the prices being lower, you can still find several packages and promotions for the purchase of air tickets in advance.

And if you're looking for great prices for airline tickets, the Decolar website is a good option, because in addition to finding the best ticket prices, it is also possible to find the best prices for hotels and complete packages. Check out in this article all about promotional air tickets and Decolar travel packages.

Is taking off safe? is one of the most famous sites when it comes to looking for promotional air tickets and the best travel packages.

This is because it brings together all national and international airlines in a single place, and allows you to choose the best round-trip date and calculates all prices for you, highlighting the one that is best for your trip, taking into account travel time, stopovers and total value.


It is also possible to book tickets through the takeoff website, all safely. Another advantage and convenience of is that you can enter the option to also book the hotel and ground transportation, if applicable.

So you can program almost your entire trip in just one place, as you will be sure that you have booked a reliable hotel, at a good price and with the best tickets.

How to buy promotional air tickets and packages on Decolar

If you never bought your tickets through the take airline tickets know that it's a very easy procedure, all you need is to already have the date of your trip right. If you have a place to stay, or have already booked a hotel on your own, it is even easier, as you will only need to add the option to buy tickets on the website.

If you've never traveled by plane and don't know the name of your city's airport, or if you have doubts about which airport is best for your trip, you can just put the first three letters of the city of origin or destination that the own website gives you on-site airport options, or you can check the option for all airports, that way it's even easier to find the cheapest and discounted tickets.

You can buy round-trip tickets at once, and this is the most recommended procedure, as in international travel, some countries require tourists to present proof of a return ticket to their country of origin. In addition, buying the round trip at once saves you more than buying each one in a day separately.

If you're just starting to plan your trip and has nowhere to stay, a good idea is enter the Decolar website and look for the complete packages, which include hotel, ground transportation, airline tickets and in some cases, even some local programming.

Searching for a package is almost the same as searching for tickets, but it is essential that you enter the exact number of people who will travel, specifying how many children and how many adults there are, in addition to choosing the type of room you want. With this information, and check-in and check-out dates, you will be able to choose the best packages, taking into account the price and conditions of each location.

Tips for buying promotional air tickets and travel packages

Some important tips before you buy your airline tickets or one travel package:

  • Be sure of the travel date, as changes may incur fees due to the exchange.
  • Check the airport you are going to, since even if the ticket is cheaper, in some cases the airport can be far from your destination, making you travel longer.
  • Check all the rules in case of promotional packages so you don't get caught off guard.

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