Santiago de Chile Travel Packages

What to know with Travel Packages to Chile. As with Argentina, many Brazilians are looking for Chile Travel Packages, a country not far from ours and with an equally welcoming culture.

O main destination is the capital Santiago, a large city that mixes modern architecture with ancient buildings that portray the tradition of that people.

The view to Andes mountain range leave everyone impacted by the amount of ice covered mountains that leave the city's landscape with a charm that you will find nowhere else in the world.

It is precisely because of this proximity that the temperatures of the cities are low (the altitude cooperates for this), in summer, for example, the thermometers mark an average of 22ºC, the difference in Brazil is blatant, since we have an average of 31ºC in São Paulo and 40ºC in Rio de Janeiro and cities in the Northeast.

But for those who like this mild climate this is one of the cheapest destinations in the world, it is worth investing.

What to know in Santiago de Chile

Between the main tourist attractions we can mention the Plaza de Armas, which is the historic center with parents, with several important monuments.

There we find the Government Palace, the National Cathedral and the National Museum, great attractions that bring together tourists from all over the world.

Other interesting place to meet in Santiago is the Concha and Toro, where you can make passes through the wineries being guided by experts who will recommend the best wine tasting. Which perfectly matches the freezing weather in the Chilean capital.


Also visit the Central Market to get to know Chilean cuisine and taste typical dishes, choosing tasty appetizers and thus immerse yourself in the Chilean gastronomic culture.

Who takes you to Chile

There are many travel agencies that offer packages with this destination. Among them the CVC Travel, where you can find one of the best prices on the market.

Through the company's website you can make the travel price quote choosing your city, destination, departure and return date. If you have a CVC branch in your city, get in touch and search, you can find many promotions and save money.

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