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VoeGol Check In Online. To ensure that your boarding is fast, the consumer can use the VoeGol Check in Online service. Without complications, the customer can check in online, on the Gol Linhas Aéreas website.

Of course, there are a number of restrictions on the VoeGol Check in Online, but the benefits can become even greater, as the time spent on traditional check-in is often precious!

Here you will know a little more about the program and will have some tips and step-by-step instructions to travel with even more comfort. Look!

Check in online with locator

First, enter the Voe Gol website (www.voegol.com.br) and note the option Check In at the top of the page. Click and select “with locator code“. A screen will then open with a registration, which must be filled out and confirmed after reading the regulation, which is available there.

Click Agree and finally OK. The screen that starts will process data related to the flight for you to confirm. Please read carefully and fill in some questions that may be asked. Mark the seats, check the baggage restrictions rules and ready. Finish!

Online check-in without locator

To check in online with the Fly Gol Check In online, just click above the option “no locator code“, right at the top of the Voe Gol website page. From then on, all procedures will be the same as with locator code. Although practicality is enormous, some situations require traditional check-in, and here are some tips.

Online Check In Restrictions

O Fly Gol Check in online not good for international flights, bookings with SSR and children under 12 traveling alone. Much more practical, the option of checking in online gives you the space from 7 days to 1.5 hours before your flight to check in.

This method avoids queues and brings greater peace of mind and security to customers. To find out more information, go to contact with Gol through the website or request to speak with an attendant by phone 0800 704 04 65.

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