What is Hostel? Here's what you need to know before heading to one

have you ever thought about staying in a hostel? This type of establishment is the ideal option for those traveling alone and also for those who cannot invest a high amount of money in accommodation, but there is some relevant information that we should mention about the hostel.

For those who don't know, hostel are called youth hostels. Establishments with collective accommodation that, for this reason, offer interesting prices for those who are planning a trip. There are many people who turn up their noses at this type of accommodation, not knowing that these establishments offer great services.

Prejudice is common in Brazil, but foreigners are used to this type of hosting and those who travel abroad will find developments as good as award-winning hotels.

Believe it: it is possible to have service five star hotel staying in a hostel that costs 10% of the daily rate you would pay in a renowned hotel!

What is the difference between hostel and hotel?

One of the most common questions is about the differences between hostel and hotel. What we can say is that it is an accommodation, the shared rooms are similar to what we find in campsites, with several beds in the same room.

In the hotel, the vast majority of rooms are options with double beds or up to three single beds. the lack of privacy, however, is not something negative and can be very interesting for those who want to enjoy the trip to make new friends.

the dorms, in many hostels, they are divided between: male, female or mixed. But we also find developments with private rooms. These rooms are worth searching for when you want to sleep alone or when traveling as a couple.

Share common areas is the main difference between hostel and Hotel. In addition to the rooms, there are other common areas, such as the kitchen, where guests can prepare their own food. Which doesn't happen in hotels.

Want another difference? You can register to have national or international wallets to have discounts at hostels around the world, you will hardly get something similar in conventional hotel chains.

Who can stay in a hostel?

Who travel alone need to consider the options of staying in a hostel. First, because you will meet other people who are also traveling alone and you can take the tours in a group or just get cool information from those who have been in the city for more days.

But those traveling with friends can also enjoy the hosting these hostels, being able to save a considerable amount at the same time that you can expand your friendships and meet people from different places in Brazil and/or the world.

Who travel as a couple You can also find hostels with private accommodation. In these cases, the big difference is the economy. As we said above, the daily rate at the hostel costs less than 50% of the amounts charged in hotels, sometimes we found prices 90% cheaper. It is worth opting for this type of stay.

Is hostel safe?

When do we use the word ?hostel?, many people call associations that offer shelters for the homeless. But the hostel for travelers it is another type of enterprise. O questioning about security is very common because of this confusion of names, but what we can say is that the vast majority of developments are totally safe.

However, some safety tips are always necessary: always travel with bags with padlock, always take your main belongings with you (cell phone, camera, money, documents, passports).

Those care is not exclusive to those who will stay in a hostel, be careful with your belongings on all trips you have. And to help you choose the best hostels, do research and see reviews about properties on sites like TripAdvisor or backpacker forums.

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