What to pack in your handbag? See what you can and what are the prohibited items

After deciding the destination of your next trip, it's time to think about packing your bags, knowing how to organize your clothes so you can avoid taking unnecessary items that only weigh your suitcase down. And when it comes to the handbag, even more care is needed, since there are some items that are prohibited from being taken on board the aircraft. This is for safety reasons for all passengers.

So if you are going to travel, you need to be aware of what you can and which items are prohibited from being carried in your hand luggage. And if you still don't have this information, keep reading this article! Let's explain everything!

Organizing a trip

Organizing a trip is not easy, and if you are going travel by plane, so before you pack your carry-on bag it is necessary to think about all the unforeseen events that can happen before you board. Since you don't know if your flight will be delayed, canceled because of bad weather, the airport will be closed because of a blizzard or even your suitcase will be lost, which can take days before you can retrieve it.

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That's why your carry-on bag should be a place where you'll have everything you need to face these unforeseen circumstances., it is even recommended a pair of basic clothes in the handbag, in case you need to change clothes for any eventuality.

The first thing before you pack your carry-on bag is to define the essential items for you, that's right, each person has their criteria of what is most importantFor example, some women may find that having makeup in their carry-on bag is more important, while men may prefer to have shirts within their reach more easily. The “essential items” will vary according to the needs of each person and what she is used to wearing in her daily life.

Having defined the most important items, it's time to see the size of the suitcase and its weight with everything you need inside. That's why it's good to check the airline's website to know the weight limit that each one allows. We already talked about it here on the blog. Click here to read!

What can be carried in a carry-on bag?

The basic items that all hand luggage must contain are:

  • Personal documents: In addition to passport, identity, and other original documents that you will be carrying, it is recommended that you take copies of these documents to the home of loss so that you can request other copies more quickly.
  • Valuables: Money and other valuables should not be placed in checked baggage, as unforeseen circumstances such as loss of luggage and even theft can occur.
  • Hygiene products: Toothbrush, creams, makeup, and other products needed for personal hygiene should be in hand luggage to be easily accessed when needed.
  • Extra clothes: You can get confused and go with a warm outfit to a cold place, or as mentioned before, you can lose your suitcase, so it's always good to have an extra outfit to be able to use when you need it.
  • Medicines: Medicines can be carried in hand luggage, however, if it is a medicine that requires a prescription, the passenger must present the prescription in his/her name at the time of boarding. Saline solutions can be carried over-the-counter, but no more than 120 ml.


What can't be carried in hand luggage?

It is strictly forbidden to carry sharp objects such as knives, scissors, pocketknives, stilettos and even knitting needles in hand luggage.. These objects must be transported in the checked bag and properly packed. Objects such as firearms are only transported with authorization and with a certificate of possession of a weapon.

In addition, the transport of liquids in hand luggage varies between the domestic flight and the international flight, so you need to be aware of that too. You can check this information on the airline's website. Some food and drinks, especially alcoholic ones, that were not purchased in the area duty free are also prohibited from being carried in hand luggage.

Now that you know what you can and cannot take in your hand luggage, it's time to pack your suitcase, and have a nice trip!

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