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If you love to travel, but always complain that money is short, don't worry, because it's possible to travel, meet new places, new cultures and people without being tight at the end of the month. That's why there is Mundi, a site that brings together the best deals on airline tickets and hotels that you can imagine, in different parts of the world.

And if you were curious to know how to find the ticket you wanted so much at that price, keep reading this article and we'll show you how it's possible. Check out!

Mundi Air Tickets How does it work and is it safe?

The world is one of the more traditional airline ticket search engines, and that gives it great credibility. In addition, the site is completely protected so that you do not have problems with your personal data. So you can rest assured that the site is very secure, and if you really want to save on airfare and hotel reservations, you need to know the world.

Mundi airline tickets works as a place that gathers all the airline tickets and hotels on sale and selects the best options for the customer. In it you will find national and international tickets with prices that fit your budget.

Mundi Promotional Airline Tickets

O world airline tickets gathers tickets for any date you want, but if your goal is to find tickets on sale, it has a dedicated section just for that.

On the home page, right at the top, there is a menu with several options, click on discount airfares and it will redirect you to a page with only promotional airfares, with several destinations and several boarding days.

As the tickets are diverse, you can take the opportunity to choose new places to travel or to decide, if you are still not sure where you want to go.

Mundi Gol Air Tickets

If you wish to fly with GOL airline, you can select the specific part of the website where the GOL promotional airline tickets. Click on promotional airline tickets on the home page and then click on GOL promotion tickets.

On the next page you will have access to all Gol promotions for several Brazilian cities and also for other countries. You will find tickets on sale for a limited time, with the main cities being:

  • Brasilia X Rio de Janeiro
  • Curitiba X Porto Alegre
  • Curitiba X Rio de Janeiro
  • Londrina X Curitiba
  • Rio de Janeiro X Curitiba

Mundi LATAM Airline Tickets

THE Latam Cheap Airline Tickets has several promotional air tickets, but if you want to guarantee your next trip with a small price, you have to hurry, so you have to buy it soon, before they run out. Check below for the best prices for domestic travel.

  • São Paulo X Curitiba: departure 03/21/2017 back 03/24/2017 R$ 194
  • Curitiba X São Paulo: departure 03/13/2017 return 03/25/2017 R$ 194
  • Rio de Janeiro X Curitiba: departure 03/09/2017 return 03/13/2017 R$ 214
  • São Paulo X Rio de Janeiro departure 03/23/2017 back 03/26/2017 R$ 214
  • Brasília X São Paulo: departure 03/24/2017 back 03/27/2017 R$ 238

Mundi Blue Air Tickets

THE blue airlines promotional tickets also has several promotions on the website of Mundi airline tickets. Check out the best selections you can find below.

  • Rio de Janeiro X Porto Alegre: departure 01/26/2017 return 02/12/2017 R$ 244
  • Florianópolis X São Paulo: departure 03/11/2017 return 03/14/2017 R$ 244
  • Aracaju X Salvador: departure 12/20/2016 X 12/27/2016 R$ 250
  • Salvador X Aracaju out 12/23/2016 back 12/26/2016 R$ 250
  • Goiânia vs São Paulo: departure 01/26/2017 return 02/06/2017 R$ 251

      Mundi Airline Tickets Avianca

THE Avianca also has promotional air tickets on the Mundi website. check out

  • Rio de Janeiro X São Paulo departure: 02/11/2017 return 02/17/2017 R$ 222
  • São Paulo X Rio de Janeiro: departure 03/23/2017 back 03/26/2017 R$ 222

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